Getting Your Brows Right

Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features we have, second only to our teeth. They shape our face, help us get away with putting little or no makeup, and lets us look younger and fresher.

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These are the six general face shapes that women have. As you can tell from the image, different face shapes have eyebrow styles that flatter them the most. For example, flat eyebrows can help to visually reduce the length of one’s face.

According to various eyebrow therapists, we should have our eyebrows treated at a salon once a month. Too often, and the hair would not have fully gone through the hair growth cycle; leave it for too long and it can become a complete mess.

But how can you get that perfect eyebrow shape for yourself?

Applying wax to the brows removes dead skin cells and tiny hairs, as well as limits the chances of having any ingrown hair. Furthermore, it is the longest-lasting option on this list.

Most people are worried about the pain, but at Flare Wellness (@flarewellness on Vanitee), beautician Sharifah does sugar waxing instead of the usual hot wax. Sugar paste doesn’t adhere to living skin cells unlike hot wax, it only pulls up hair and not skin. Furthermore, the sugar paste is only heated to a lukewarm temperature which allows for more comfortable initial application.


Just check out her customers’ satisfied faces!

If you’re one of those who believes in reviews, you can take a look at them here or check out the 5 stars Sharifah has received below:

Lianne: (5 / 5)

Friendly and great service. My brows look great!

Margareth: (5 / 5)

Had the best service ever! She is very professional and understands customers really well. She tries her best to meet the need of the customers; knowing that her ego should not be bigger than the customers’ satisfaction. Big thumbs up and will come back for more services available.



For those not in the know, threading is where a cotton thread is twisted into a double strand and swept along the skin. Unwanted hairs are then caught up in the thread and removed.

Threading allows the beautician to tackle individual hairs, giving a high level of precision. There will be no half-grown hairs left behind (as opposed to tweezing), which means that all your hair will grow out again at the same time.

At Tina’s Beauty (@tinasbeauty on Vanitee), eyebrow threading takes only 15 minutes and is attractively priced at $5!


Done by: @tinasbeauty on Vanitee

 Melissa: (5 / 5)

Fantastic experience. Tina is very skilled and friendly. Also a meticulous and gentle person that does things to perfection. Definitely coming back! 🙂

Farha: (5 / 5)

It was my first time doing threading (and doing anything to my brows!). Tina was amazing and careful, and the shape of my brows are great! Definitely will come back for future sessions.

Tina is rated 5 stars by many of her customers, and you can take a look at her other reviews on Vanitee.

The most affordable option would be eyebrow tweezing as you can DIY at home. Tweezing is a good alternative when you are unable to find the time to squeeze in your waxing or threading appointments. It serves as a touch-up, but you need to already be familiar with the general shape of your brow.

This article teaches you eyebrow shaping 101 and promises to give you failproof tips.

Word of advice though: pluck only from the underside of your brows, because if you were to start from the top of your brow and work downwards, you would have no way to cover up any mistakes you make.

If you are a complete novice to the world of eyebrow shaping, I would recommend you to head to the experts – because they know what they’re doing. Or if your brows are too sparse to even consider any of the choices above, why not get your eyebrows embroidered instead?

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