Getting Your Lashes To Match With Your Eye Shape

A good set of lash extensions can instantly elevate your makeup look, be it day or night. Luscious lashes can make your eyes look bigger, brighter and appear more awake. Just like the brows, your lashes frame your eyes and face.

To determine the shape of your eyes, start by looking in a mirror. Is your whole iris visible or is part of it covered by your eyelid? Do your eyes slant upwards at the outer corners and how far apart do they lie from each other. Lastly, with eyes fully open, is the crease of your eye visible?

Once you’ve figured out your eye shape, check out our helpful tips on choosing the right lash extensions for your eye shape.

Almond Eyes


Almond eyes are slightly pointed at the ends and have a wider centre, but a good portion of the top and bottom curves of your iris should still be covered by your upper and lower eyelid.

It isn’t hard to find a style that suits this eye shape as it works with a variety of lash styles. But to show off the natural beauty of your eyes, ask your specialist to add some natural volume with criss cross lashes that are evenly distributed in a pattern.

Hooded Eyes


Those with hooded eyes have a strong brow bone that kind of “eats up” the crease of your eyes so that when your eyes are open, your eyelid is not visible and your crease is hidden below the upper part of your lid or your brow bone.

To create depth in your eyes, ask for a style that tapers at the inner and outer corners of your eyes, and has the longest lashes in the centre. Keep the lashes light and fluttery for a natural look that won’t weigh your lids down.

Deep-set Eyes


Here’s an easy way to tell if your eyes are deep set: place your index finger vertically over your eyelid. The tip of your finger should touch your brow bone, while your palm rests on your cheek. If your eye remains open without you touching it, it’s likely you have deep set eyes.

Those with deep-set eyes should opt for lashes with extra length that curls up and away from your eyes (and brow bone).

Protruding Eyes


Much like what we did for the deep-set eye test, the protruding eye test goes similarly: place your index finger vertically over your eyelid. The tip of your finger should touch your brow bone, while your palm rests on your cheek. If your finger touches your eyelid without touching your brow bone or cheek, you have protruding eyes.

While “protruding” eyes don’t really sound sexy, that’s where you’re mistaken. Protruding eyes are the best for getting a sweet and sexy doe-eyed look. Just enhance their natural sultry and romantic shape with long feathery false lashes that have a high curl to open up your eyes.

Round Eyes


Unlike the almond, if you have round eyes, you’re able to see most of your iris. Enhance the beautiful curve of your eyelids with a curly and wispy lash because too much volume can actually make your eyes look smaller and flatter. For a flirtier finish, ask your lash specialist for lashes in a winged shape to create a cat eye shape.

Mono-lidded Eyes


I’m pretty sure we all know what a mono-lid is but just in case; if skin covers your upper eyelid so that no crease is visible, you have a mono-lid. While many Asian girl try to change their mono lid magnificence, here’s a tip for those looking to rock the single-lidded look: fluttery and fluffy lashes.

Styles that are fluttery and fluffy look lush without looking plastic and false. Ask for a multi-layered style to add some volume and open up your eyes without overwhelming your look.

Lash Extensions Services In Singapore

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Glamorous or natural, eyelash extensions are a fun flirty way to add that extra oomph to your look. To connect with your next slash specialist, book your next appointment with a lash specialist near you on Vanitee.

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