Gorgeous Nudes For Any Season

Image from: http://bit.ly/2ByP1UX

If you were to ask me what my favourite nail polish colour is, it would definitely be some shade of nude. Each time I go to the manicurist I tell myself that I’ll try a new colour, that I’ll go for something bold, but I invariably end up selecting “boring old beige”, according to one of my friends.

But I can’t help it. Nude shades go well with anything, and I don’t want to be struggling to match a red dress with blue nail polish. If you’re just like me and enjoy being ready for any occasion, read on to see some awesome nail art:

Image from: http://bit.ly/2DHaYTH

Whoever said short nails couldn’t look amazing was definitely lying to you. Just check out how the glitter here accentuates the normal polish and gives it a more three-dimensional look


Image from: http://bit.ly/2FlCJSo

Nude nails = boring? Whoever told you that was lying to you, because hello – this set of nail art is gorgeous! I would love to get this set myself, thank you very much.


Image from: http://bit.ly/2njjhOM

Matte finishes are to die for – they just exude a sense of elegance that glossy finishes don’t. Am especially loving the accent nail! The intricate design also completes the “tres chic” vibe.


Image from: http://bit.ly/2FoToEi

Missing the cold weather spell Singapore had earlier this year? Or just eager to celebrate Christmas a good nine months early? (We ain’t judging) Nudes are a great base for nail art because just about any colour will stand out without looking overly gauche.


Image from: http://bit.ly/2Fo0PM4

Gold foil strips are also another way to spice up your manicure, but you don’t need that many of them when the motto is: simplicity is key.

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