Guy Tries Gel Nail Art For The First Time

The guys just don’t get it. They don’t understand why we enjoy going to the salon, be it for our hair or our nails. “But what do you all do for three hours?? Sit there??” 

The Vanitee Team decided to let our male intern, Clement, try a few common beauty services that us ladies often frequent. To ease him into it, we started small.

Last Friday, Clement had his nails painted for the first time. For this article, we engaged the services of EileenNailsSG.

Eileen set up shop in the front hall, laying out her UV light and an array of nail polishes. The process began with her filing his nails and shaping them. Clement looked on with interest, having not done anything similar before.

She decided to use the Vanitee colours – pink and white – for his nails. Keep scrolling to see the process and final design!

Before applying the basecoat, Eileen cleaned his nails to remove any oils. Did you know that if your nails are not cleaned properly prior to a manicure, there will be little bumps along your nail bed, causing the polish to fall off faster?

With every customer, Eileen uses at least three shades of polish to get the most accurate colour possible. She wants her customers to leave feeling 100% satisfied with their nail designs, and is glad to be able to create this satisfaction for them!

Throughout the process, Clement became fidgety and asked a number of times “if the whole thing was going to be done soon”. It took around an hour for his nails to be done, but he said that it felt like forever. He even fell asleep while waiting for the nail art to be completed!


And the pictures which you’ve all been waiting for – the final product:

After the whole process, we interviewed Clement and asked for his opinions post-manicure.

Here are some of the works Eileen has done:



Done by: @eileennailssg on Vanitee

If you’re interested to check out more of Eileen’s portfolio, you can head over to the Vanitee website!

Manicures are not only for girls – guys can do them too! Proper nail care is important when it comes to achieving a clean and polished look. Your hands are what people notice when you shake hands, and we all know how often we shake hands when meeting business partners.

Our nails also reflect the state of our health. A trip to the nail salon could not only alert you to any health issues that may be brewing but also prompt you to put an end to pesky habits.

After watching Clement’s experience, we hope that the guys out there will be more understanding of what their girlfriends go through to look good (possibly for you!), and even take the step to try it for themselves by booking our nail artists on Vanitee.

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