Guy Tries Underarm Waxing For The First Time

Guy underarm waxing

After trying a manicure, false lashes, and recreating makeup looks, Clement now ventures into body hair removal. Specifically, underarm waxing at @casabella on Vanitee

Clement upon arriving at the salon – the apprehension is real.

@casabella is a cosy beauty and wellness spa conveniently located at Bugis Cube, right at the heart of town.


Our friendly beautician settling Clement in!


Naturally, Clement in all his manliness had underarm hair that was too long to be waxed. The beautician first trimmed the hair to an ideal length, still painless at this point of time!

We had Clement try both types of waxing procedures to get the full experience – honey waxing and strip waxing.


Applying the honey wax…


And ripping it off!

Now on to the more painful but faster alternative, strip waxing.




Looks like the strip waxing really got him!

After a gruellingly long hour, here is Clement showing off his hairless armpits.

Clement: Strip waxing is slightly more painful than honey waxing, but both are tolerable lah. But honey waxing requires multiple tries, which made it more uncomfortable! I actually like my hairless armpits! They make me feel a lot cleaner and more comfortable. Given a choice, I’d opt for other hair removal methods such as laser removal, which would be a lot less painful, instead.

Watch Clement’s Underarm Waxing Experience below!

Check out Casa Bella’s (very affordable) underarm waxing service here at $30 and up. Or if you, like Clement, would rather opt for a painless option, purchase Casa Bella’s OPT Painless Permanent Hair Removal service now at a special price of $9.90 and up here instead!


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