Hair Colours You Should Try This Summer


One of the fastest shifting trends has to be hair colours. And as we transition from spring to summer, we’re also moving into spicier and brighter shades. To help you narrow down the options, here are some perfect summer hair colours to help inspire you.

Fiery shades

Let’s push the boundaries for summer – we’re talking bright reds, pinks and oranges. If you’re worried that these hues won’t suit you, rest assured as there’s sure to be a fiery shade that will work for you.

Done by: 2nestudio

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Caramel Rosé

The perfect union of rose gold and caramel, this shade of hair is perfect for the summer if you’re looking to jazz things up but not be too loud about it. The browns and pinks in caramel rosé also lean towards the warm side, making it perfect for us Asian girls. Not to mention, this shade is also perfect for transitioning into fall!

Done by: Jin Hair Beauty

Can you get professional quality yet affordable hair services in Singapore? Definitely with Jin Hair Beauty, whose skillful hands will add a ton of texture and dimension to your tresses and help you achieve the caramel rosé shade to best complement your skin tone. Make your appointment here!

Acid colours

The next vibrant and in-your-face hue to take the style industry by storm! Things are now turning away from the pastel-y, dusty vibes of 2017 and going full neon, 80s technicolour. Not sure if you can handle the intensity? Ask for natural-looking roots which will allow for easier grow out.

Done by: Chop50s

You can trust Chop50s to make you stand out from the crowd. The folks here pride themselves on their wealth of experience, and you can tell that they know what they’re doing from all the fantastic reviews on the internet. Make your appointment here!

Flecks of gold

Gone are the days of ashy blonde. What’s in now is a gentle golden hue, or subtle golden streaks that adds dimension and shine. Having some warmth in your hair is also especially flattering to asian skin tones, so don’t be afraid of going blonde this summer and ask for a soft, buttery shade.

Done by: 123 Hair Art

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