Hair Rebonding: The Good and the Bad

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Thinking about managing your curly mane with rebonding? Hair is one of women’s greatest assets and can showcase one’s unique personality. But is rebonding really for you? Vanitee is here to tell you about the good and bad of hair rebonding before going to the salon.

Hair rebonding is a process where the natural bonds of the hair are broken down through the use of chemicals and heat, rearranged, and bonded once again. The waves and curls are flattened so that the hair looks straight and beautiful.

This process uses hair softener and strong chemicals like perming lotion. It can be very harmful because continuous heat and chemicals are applied to hair, which results in weakened hair shafts.

Of course, hair rebonding promises silky, shiny, and sleek hair.


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Other than that, rebonding also promises

  • Permanent results: Unlike other hair treatments, rebonding your hair can make it permanently straight. Whether your hair is naturally straight with slight ‘S’ curve, or curly, it is guaranteed that you will have straight hair at the end of the process.
  • Marked improvement of your hair’s manageability when rebound: Forget about all the hair styling problems you had when your hair was curly. You can now style or tie your hair without compromising its straightness. Your hair will not look like a haystack without combing it before heading out.

Most problems occur when a substandard chemical is used or a step during the chemical treatment was not done properly.

  • Hair breakage: Your hair start to experience dryness as the amount of chemicals and heat used can take a toll on your hair and may make it break easily.
  • Hair loss: Because your hair is weakened greatly.
  • You may sustain burns during the process: The straightening iron may not only burn your hair, but also your scalp as well.
  • Regular maintenance is required: This means more money spent on treatments and hair products.
  • It’s not cheap: Because of the number of hair products applied and its laborious process.
In conclusion, before rebonding your hair, carefully consider the type of hair rebond you want to achieve. If your hair current hair is already straight with just a slight ‘S’ curl at the end, you might want to put off the idea of hair rebonding and go for straightening for the tips of your hair instead.


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