Haircuts For Naturally Curly Hair

The struggle of being both blessed and cursed with curly hair is one that I am only all too familiar with. Curly hair has more volume and body and can look amazing with the right maintenance procedures, but is truly a pain to take care of! To all my other fellow curly-haired friends out there – I feel you and have taken the liberty of putting together some styles that help you embrace your curly hair to lessen the burden of maintenance!

1.Side-Swept Bangs

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Side-swept bangs are the perfect fringe to frame your face and help those pretty little peepers stand out! This adorable hair look works best with hair that has a moderate amount of volume and is perfect for loose, wavy hair with fine texture.

2. Curly Shag

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For coarse curly hair, a curly shag haircut can bring out the best in your naturally voluminous mane. This texturized look is perfectly imperfect and requires minimal styling and maintenance. Use some light hair wax to prevent flyways and nail the effortless grunge chic look down to a T!

3. Long, Wavy Layers

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This style is very flattering for long hair, regardless of it’s colour or texture. Long layered haircuts reveal your natural curls in a natural way for amazing hair that does not look overdone. Strategically done highlights will also add more life to bring the overall look to the next level.

4. Textured Lob

I love how the model rocks an effortless bedhead look with her uneven lob and slightly messy waves here! This cut that ends at the collar bone is flattering for almost all textures of curly hair. A bit of styling is probably required to achieve this look –  would recommend a pinch of sea salt spray and some texturing at the roots.

5. Pixie

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Or if you’re looking for a way to totally revamp your look and daring enough to take a leap of faith and chop your locks off, a pixie cut can add a fresh new spin to your look. The right pixie hairstyle for you depends on the pattern of curl your hair adopts and your face shape, and a good hairstylist should be able to recommend the right cut for you!

Looking to get a new cut for your curls? Check out these works from our Vanitee hairstylists!

HARTS Salon is where you’re headed if you want to add some trendy pastel colours to your hair. This salon has some really pretty pastel styles in their portfolio, and has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars on Vanitee!

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Done by: @hartssalon on Vanitee

Or, consider these 2 different variations of shoulder length hair!

eba699bd94f3481da6c50c482990a565a2fedd7f.jpg  b6170f3932480d35372db884decbae9cb7f4c300.jpeg

(L) Done by: @branche on Vanitee, (R) Done by: @no8hairstudio on Vanitee

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