Hairstyles for Traditional Chinese Wedding

The most exciting part of a wedding is probably the morning gate crash followed by the tea ceremony. As compared to the Western style solemnization, there are a lot more traditions to follow and complicated things to prepare according to your native dialect. Whether you are a Teochew, Hokkien, Cantonese or Hakka, a ‘kwa’ must be worn for the tea ceremony.

‘Qun kwa’ (裙褂) or ‘kwa’ for short, is a traditional Chinese dress that a bride wears on her wedding day. In the past, a bride buns up her hair to reveal the intricate embroidery at the back of the ‘kwa’. At present, women still carry on the tradition of the ‘kwa’ but the simple bun has evolved into more variations fused with the Western braided hair styles.

You might catch some inspirations for the type of hairstyles you should wear for the evening banquet with 8 of the prettiest wedding floral hair looks to suit your ballroom gown. Here’s some inspiration for an updo hairstyle for the traditional Chinese wedding to suit your ‘kwa’.






1. Elegant French Braided Side Bun Topped with Traditional Tassel Hair Accessory

No time to visit the salon to get a hair treatment before your big day? This twisted updo can certainly give that untamed mane a new life. Ideal for ladies with coarser, naturally curly hair, this twisted French braid runs across your head from one side to another. Complete the look with a traditional gold tassel hair accessory to match the golden embroidery on the dress.


Done by: Princess Wedding Services (@princessweddingservices on Vanitee)

2. Wrapping French Braid

If your hair is too long but you want to do a neat, low bun, why not go for the Wrapping French Braid? Start with a side part and weave a French braid along the hairline, wrapping it around a tight braided bun. Additional accessories are optional but it will definitely spice up your hairdo. Consider adding some graceful orchids which symbolise love, luxury, beauty and strength.


Done by: V Makeup (@vmakeup on Vanitee)

3. Multi-Braid Bun Style

Consider this rather elaborate style if you think that the previous ones are too basic for you. This hairstyle is suitable for women with thin and fine hair. Fake a fuller look by crimping your hair at the top of the head to look extra voluminous. Stack your hair by layering the braids together, giving the illusion that the bride has more hair volume. This hairstyle is also neater as the braids are flattened instead of protruding out.


Done by: Lina (@linamakeupartist on Vanitee)

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