Having Trouble Growing Nails?


Having Trouble Growing Nails?

Nails; the one thing that you can get into shape without having to exercise.

Your nails are important, especially your fingernails. It undeniably adds more beauty to your hands. If your toenails are looking bad, you can easily cover them with shoes. You wouldn’t possibly have a ridiculous pair of gloves on at all times to hide those chapped nails, would you?



Sustaining a healthy set of fingernails or even growing nails to a decent length might be a chore for some. Most of them have been identified to be nail biters – individuals who tend to bite their nails when they feel stressed, anxious or even, bored.

Biting of nails might result in a weakening of your nail bed – your nail might go out of shape. It definitely is an unhygienic habit too as your nail grooves are usually filled with hidden dirt.

Apart from nail biting, other factors that contribute to poor or slow growth of nails are hormonal changes, aging and nutritional deficiencies. Your nails are made up of multiple layers of hard protein called ‘Keratin’. When your body is unable to consistently build up sufficient levels of ‘Keratin’, it directly contributes to weaker nails.

Look out for any grooves or dents, as this might mean that they are brittle and are breaking apart. Also check for any inconsistencies in the colour of your nail bed.

To curb with the trouble of growing nails, you can adopt these 3 tips to achieve stronger and healthier nails.

1. File and Buff

You can and should file and buff regularly on your own. Filing is important as it is similar to trimming off split ends from your hair. Buffing smoothes the nail bed and helps to remove any chipped areas. However, do not over-buff as it might make your nails weak too. File and buff in moderation, at least once a week.

2. Use Nail Strengtheners

Softer nails are more prone to chipping or breaking. Nail strengtheners are highly recommended by experts, as applying one or two layers help to protect nails from soap, water or other impurities.


Building up the resilience of your nails, helps them to grow better. However, do take note that the effect of these strengtheners are only visible after 1 or 2 weeks of consistent use.

3. Moisturise

The strength and overall well-being of nails also depends on how moisturised they are. Apply hand creams daily before heading to bed to help your nail bed and cuticles. This can be applicable to both young and old, as hand creams are less toxic and gentle on the hands.

However if you are having a nail emergency and need a fast solution to make your nails look great again, getting manicures or pedicures are perfect!


Amidst the multitude of nail salons offering manicure and pedicure deals, here’s a couple that you simply can’t resist!

Gladys Atelier, located at Marina Parade, is offering Classic Gel Manicure and Pedicure services at an irresistible rate of S$68! This service includes cuticle care and scrubbing of your hands and/or feets, done by friendly and professional therapists.


Done by: Gladys Atelier – Classic Gel Manicure

While you are at it, stand out from the crowd with this Premium Gelish Manicure service provided by Nina Nails. Located at Sengkang. Their exclusive Japan cuticle oil and soft gel, enhances your manicure, making it last longer.

Click here to get nails that you can flaunt with.

As gel manicures are harder and thicker than regular nail polish, nail biters we recommend you to get one today!

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