Here’s What You Need To Know About Waxing

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In Singapore, any extra hair can prove to be a massive hassle – deciding to use a razor all the time however, can be an inconvenient, (sometimes) bloody mess. Not to mention, running the permanent risk of ingrown hairs despite the fact that you purchase female razors – that cost more but have less blades.

Waxing also lasts almost three times longer than shaving does, removes dead skin, and minimizes the risk of you growing back thicker hair brought about by irritated follicles. The only irritation you’ll face is during the waxing process, but after that, I can promise you’ll have no sandpaper legs. Here’s what you need to know about waxing.

Know What You’ve Signed Up For

There are many ways you can get yourself waxed – either way, know what you want before you go to the salon. Anxiety on a waxing bed is never a good coping device.

Waxing is a method that rips the hair on your body right from its roots, so it’s definitely going to hurt, less or more depending on your tolerance for pain. But much like tweezing, you skin develop a resistance to the process. Also, definitely don’t an appointment near the date of your period, because your skin is more sensitive to pain then.

Prep Yo’self You Treat Yo’self

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Make sure your hair’s long enough, so there’s something for the glue to cling on to. A good rule of thumb is to a fourth of an inch so you don’t get turned down by your waxer. If you’re not sure how long to let your hair grow out till, leave it growing and your waxer will help you trim it at the start of your session.

On the day of your appointment though, a shower can do wonders, both with your confidence and how much your waxer enjoys working with you. Moisturising yourself after will make sure that only a healthy amount of your skin dead cells come off when you’re getting waxed.

If you’ve got a bottle of fragrance-free lotion for sensitive skin, throw that in your bag and bring it with you to help soothe your angry skin after your waxing session!

The Morning After

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The time after your wax session can be somewhat exasperating. You’re going to look like a red mole and your skin might itch (though not as much as it could after you shave). Resist the urge to scratch, or to share the joy of your smooth skin with a partner. Avoiding any kind of friction is your best bet till your skin isn’t as raw anymore. If you want to keep cool, use Aloe Vera to help subdue your angry skin.

Since there’s nothing like the first time, it’s best you take your interests to someone who really cares about you, someone who isn’t going to burn a hole in your heart (or your wallet). Whether you’re looking for commitment or for a one-time fling, we’ve got a database of reviews that prove they’ll have you feeling the most comfortable you can on that waxing bed.

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Photo By: Ingenious Beauty

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Photo by: Beccas Beautique

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