How Semi-Permanent BB Cream Works

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What if we told you that there is a way to get naturally glowing and smoothed complexion without actually having to put on makeup?

Semi-permanent BB cream is exactly what it sounds like – a layer of BB cream is injected into your skin to give you a natural looking base that lasts for a period of time. This is perfect for girls who adore the whole my skin but better look as this treatment promises to provide your skin with light to medium coverage to hide your blemishes, redness and dark eye circles.

We headed over to limmyssg to check out this new beauty service!

Our ambassador for the day, Vonne, was looking forward to see how her first semi-permanent BB cream could cover her dark eye circles and pigmentation.


Firstly, the beautician at limmyssg removed all traces of makeup on Vonne and cleansed her face thoroughly using a gel cleanser.

In order to prepare the skin for deep penetration of BB cream, an exfoliating cream was used to remove dead skin cells.

After cleansing and exfoliation, BB cream ampoule was applied.

There are 3 shades of BB cream ampoules available – light, medium and dark. The closest shade is selected and penetrated under the skin using a microneeding device with 0.25mm to 1mm needles. After penetration, BB cream ampoules injected into the skin will blend and adjust to your skin tone.

About 5-10 ml of BB cream ampoule was used to provide sufficient coverage for Vonne’s skin.

After applying a thin layer of BB cream ampoule over Vonne’s face with a brush, the beautician rolled the microneedle device over Vonne’s face repeatedly, depending on the sensitivity of her skin and target area.

Delicate areas such as the nose and eyes needed more coverage as these areas had more uneven edges and skin problems, notably redness and dark eye circles. The beautician carefully rolled the microneedle device over these areas a few more times in order to take care of these concerns.

Following the microneeding session, which Vonne said it felt like “sand paper rubbing gently against her skin,” a facial therapy mask is then applied over the skin in order to calm and improve skin healing.

Lastly, a quick facial massage helped to rejuvenate and refine skin texture.


Vonne’s complexion looked brighter and clearer after 1 session of semi-permanent BB cream. Her main concern, which was pigmentation on cheeks and dark eye circles, were reduced and covered with natural coverage.

According to limmyssg, semi-permanent BB cream doesn’t just give your skin a thin layer of base, but it also shrinks the size of your pores.


1. How long does it last?

Depending on the amount of care taken, for first-timers it can last from 3 days to 1 week. Increasing session will lead to increased longevity and enhanced coverage. As such, the beautician recommends all first-timers to come back for a 2nd session in order to provide better coverage for your skin.

2. Is it painful?

According to Vonne, it was a bearable session which did not had her tearing up nor screaming out loud. Do note that as there are several microneedles constantly poking into your skin, there is definitely going to be a tingling sensation that can leave your skin with a certain degree of redness afterwards.

3. Are there any side effects?

Apart from sensitive skin types, you would only require one day worth of downtime and you can put on makeup immediately. Sensitive skin would require up to 3 days of downtime.

4. How long is each session?

Each session lasts for about 1.5 hours.

5. How much does it cost?

Currently on offer at $88 (usual $188) till 6th July. T&C applies.

6. Address

Farrer Park

88 Rangoon road #01-05, Novena, 218374

Special thanks to Vonne who came down and tried out this beauty service provided by limmyssg.

Leave us a comment in the comment section below whether you would want to try out this or not!

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