How to enjoy your Valentines’ day – Singles’ Edition

Although I am (very) happily single, annual Valentines’ day could still be a sore spot. As couples and their romantic gestures are omnipresent throughout the day, I could not help but feeling out of place sometimes. Do you feel the same? Worries not, let’s share some tips to enjoy the days too!

1. Make plans with your friends


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Just because you are unattached, you don’t have to mope around after school/work on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your evening with friends: dinner, shopping, and chilling. However, do make these plans early. Many places are fully booked on the day.

Last year, my clique went to Swensen together. It was great fun catching up with them. We also played a mini game of guessing what the couples in other tables were talking about.  Friends who judge couples together stay together. ‘Nuff said.


2. Treat yourself/your friends & family to gifts

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Who needs a partner to get that Godiva chocolate you have been craving for? Prepare gifts to yourself take away the surprise element, but you can’t go wrong with whether you will like your present. Even better, surprise your friends and family with gifts. After all, Valentines is about love, and romance is not the only types of love there are 🙂

3. Get your pamper sessions on

Image Source: The Dating Divas

Be it the facial treatment or the body massage you have been wanting forever, it’s time to give yourself the treat. While you relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, you can also avoid the trouble of seeing couples invading all public spaces >.<  After the treatment, you will sure feel more lighten and refreshed. After all, nothing feels better than self love, does it 🙂
What are you waiting for? Score a deal on Vanitee to enjoy this session, and with friends as well. Happy Valentines’  Day.
Lots of love from us.

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