How To Get Fair, Glowing Skin

Want bright and fair complexion like IU? Check out these tips!

Sunscreen – the most vital yet often overlooked step of your skincare routine. Other than maintaining your fair milky complexion, sunscreen is also vital for preventing signs of aging and skin cancer. With Singapore’s sunny weather, sunscreen can be considered a daily necessity, so remember to slab on sun protection every morning before heading out!

If you’re looking for easy-to-apply alternatives to regular sunscreen, check out Nature Republic’s Provence Calendula Ice Puff SPF 50+, a tinted sunscreen that also doubles as a sheer foundation, perfect for fuss-free days! The puff spreads the product more evenly, provides better coverage and a smoother finish as compared to applying sunscreen straight from a squeeze bottle.


Purchase the Nature Republic Provence Calendula Ice Puff.

Masking is an essential step when it comes to fighting skin dehydration, especially if you spend extended hours in an air-conditioned office. Dehydrated skin is dense, dull and susceptible to early onset of wrinkles!


If you’re pressed for time and can’t afford the 20-30 minutes that most masks require, check out the Mirae Ex8 mask, which promises to revitalize your skin in only 8 minutes!

I've spent a few nights this week trying out the new Mirae EX8 masks. These masks are marketed to do in 8 minutes what a 20 minute mask would accomplish. The Aqua + NMF (blue) is for delivering extreme hydration to dry skin, and the Vit B +NMF (purple) is for reducing redness and calming irritated skin. They will also be coming out with an Arbutin B30 whitening mask. To start, these are the thinnest masks I've ever used, and I'm comparing these to the Lovemores and the L'herboflore oriental herbs masks. I made the mistake the first night of taking it off it's plastic backing. I had assumed since there was just the single plastic piece I was to remove it to put the mask on, not the case. I was impressed that for as thin as the material is, it didn't rip or stretch. It was just a huge pain to untangle and smooth out on my face. The next time I used it I placed it on my face and pressed it down before removing the plastic backing. These masks immediately adhere to your skin and will not move until you take them off. The essence is rather light and sinks right in, and there is zero fragrance. There is SO MUCH left in the packet, I actually decanted it, and kept it in the fridge overnight to use it for a compressed mask in the morning. As for the results, these are really amazing. The first time I wore one I took it off at 8 minutes, which goes against ever masking instinct I have. I was internally screaming "BUT THEY'RE STILL DAMP!" In that time my skin was plumped, hydrated, and had reduced redness. The next time I tried one I kept it on till it dried a bit more. Given the thinness of the material that was only about 20 minutes. I don't feel that I saw any additional benefits to leaving this on for longer. Putting aside the fact that I freaking love Lovemore and Sexylook masks, which is the same company that makes these, and looking at these on their own merit, these masks are awesome. They're the perfect quick morning mask, or an easy lazy night mask. I'm planning on purchasing these myself so I have a backup when I run out of these boxes. Thank you SO MUCH @crystalcovebeauty for sending me these to try in exchange for my honest review!

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These super thin masks promise to hydrate, whiten and soothe skin in a shorter time period.

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A lack of exfoliation can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells which in turn stop your skin from reflecting light properly – resulting in a flaky and dull complexion. To achieve softer and brighter skin, frequent exfoliation is vital!

Evanesce Instant Whitening Body Sponge scrubs and exfoliates skin to remove the dead skin cells, promising instantly fairer and smoother skin! Doubt the legitimacy of their claim? Check out the video below!

Convinced? Purchase the Evanesce Instant Whitening Body Sponge.

If regular exfoliating is too much work for you, head to a spa for a scrub treatment instead! @skoskbeautique offers a Whitening Spa Treatment for nails, hand and feet that includes a soak, scrub and massage. Purchase the Whitening Spa Treatment here.

Rope in a professional and treat yourself with Whitening Facials!


@rachelbeautician offers a Whitening Treatment Facial that uses Vitamin C and plant extracts to clean out pores and enhance skin protection. With many years of experience in the beauty industry under her belt and excellent service, @rachelbeautician has earned herself a rating of 5 out of 5 stars on Vanitee!

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For an organic alternative, look no further than the White Lily Whitening Facial offered by @flarewellness. Only natural products are used to help lighten skin and fade dark spots as well as treat wounds by healing scar tissue. Results are not instant, but organic treatments provide gradual results that are sustainable.

Purchase the White Lily Whitening Facial here.

Last but not least, use make-up to further enhance your clear skin! These highly raved-about MKUP Happy Sticks have the cutest fuss-free packaging and are multifunctional. Some double up as a lip product + blusher + eyeshadow and foundation + concealer!

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The formula is easy to apply, super blendable and gives your skin a natural radiant glow!

Pick and choose from the range of MKUP Happy Sticks available to customise your own makeup look.

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