How to get Taylor Swift’s New Reputation Era Look!

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The old Taylor is dead alright. If you have been obsessing over Taylor Swift’s new album and look, you’re not alone.In her ‘Reputation’ era, she is going all out for that edgy new look.

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From her new hairstyle, to her thicker eyeliner, it’s hard not to go crazy over this fierce and sophisticated look, distancing herself from the “old Taylor” that we’re used to (still remember that girl-next-door Taylor?). Although die-hard Swifties would know her new persona is just her mocking the media’s representation of her, we can’t help but savour in this “good girl gone bad” vibe the new Taylor is giving us, not to mention the amount of  makeup inspiration she’s giving us too.


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Done by: eveongmua

Oh, look what you made Taylor do. Her dance break in the ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ music video sees her with dark eyeshadow, thick eyeliner and burgundy lips. Other than her 80s’ curls, which we will see more of in the year to come as she promotes the album, her vampy new look sure shows that there’s nothing that she does better than revenge. Luckily for eveongmua, you can emulate Taylor’s smoky eyes and dark lips for a complete goth makeover.

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Done by: sylviakohmua

If you are going for old Hollywood glamour, Taylor shows you how it’s done. Other than getting the right side-parting curls which we have mentioned in our previous post on Taylor’s hairstyles, getting the right makeup is essential too. In her ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ music video, she wore thick and (really) long false eyelashes to make your eyes flutter. She also wore pink eyeshadow to give that feminine touch. Not to forget, Taylor’s signature red lips to complete the look. You can sylviakohmua to get this look that’s perfect for any special occasion!

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Done by: shuzenmoymua

For Taylor’s ‘…Ready For It’ music video, she went for that thick winged eyeliner. For an edgier look, the parts above the upper eyelash and below the lower eyeliner lash should be darkened. If you want to go a step further, you can darker the winged part like Taylor, but if you’re thinking of a more subtle wing, shuzenmoymua can help you perfect it. Match this eye makeup with peach pink lips that you can wear day in or day out!


Vanitee’s got tons of makeup artists that can help you get Taylor’s Reputation era look. Question is: Are you ready for it?

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