How To Get Thicker and Longer Eyelashes, Naturally

There is nothing more delightful than leaving your house with a stunning set of eyelashes, no matter the fact that they could be falsies. If you’re someone who’s been blessed with a natural set eye catchers on your eyes, perhaps you still feel something’s amiss.

Now remember, to each his own, so what may work for you might not necessarily work on your best friend!

Embrace Oil!

When it comes to eyelashes, the use of oil is especially minimal, and can be avoided in the daytime when you need to feel squeaky clean.

Using a cotton bud or a clean mascara wand to apply some oil on your lash line and lashes can do wonders for your eyelash growth rate, playing an important part in nourishment and follicle thickness, If you do this before going to bed, your morning face wash routine will easily rid you of the oily feeling.

If you’re not sure what oils to use, go with this general rule of thumb: no cooking, or vegetable oil. Think common household skin oils, such as coconut and rosemary. For eyelash growth, castor, olive, and Vitamin E oils take the throne. Even Vaseline does the trick!

No Rubbing!

Eye rubbers… where do I begin? Rubbing your eyes deals a multitude of damage to your eye, from corneal abrasions to broken blood vessels. If you think it doesn’t reflect on your appearance, take a closer look next time you’re in front of the mirror.

Rubbing your eyes leads to puffiness, reduces whiteness of your sclera, darker eye circles, and, you don’t say; sparse lashes! It also reduces the rate of growth of your lashes by inflaming your follicles and loosens them.

Encouraging Blood Flow

Increasing blood flow to your eyelashes will aide with healthier, increased hair growth by preventing clogged pores and allowing nutrients to reach your eyelids. This also means your lashes will experience less thinning and breakage.

After washing your hands thoroughly, moisten your fingertips with some shea butter, petroleum jelly, or any other sort of natural moisturiser. Then, use your fingertips to gently rub your eyelids or lash line in circular motions. You’ll be sure to head to bed for a more relaxed sleep than usual as you feel the tension in your eyes drift away.

More importantly, brush your eyelashes! Brushing will help prevent any clogging, getting rid of dirt and dust. It also helps distribute your natural oils across your lashes. You can brush your eyelashes upward with an oil soaked mascara wand, or eyebrow brush.

If these remedies take too much of your time, you can consider some of these options:

If your eyelashes grow straight, getting them permed can make a world of a difference to how their volume appears! Lisa’s Lash and Nails offers an eyelash perming service at $48!

Done by Lisa’s Lash and Nails

If you’re looking for something that’s more towards adding actual volume, consider this 3D eyelash extension service by Tina’s Beauty at $88! What’s even better is that you get to pick your lash length, curl type, and you’re entitled to unlimited strands!

Done by Tina’s Beauty

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