How to Restore Bleached Hair


If you’re reading this article, you probably have bleached, fried and damaged hair (like me!) Fret not, because here is a complete guide on how to repair damaged hair, from easy DIY masks to a variety of salon treatments.

Coconut oil


Coconut oil is a must have for bleached hair, as it is able to penetrate the hair shaft and repair damaged strands from inside out.

Soak your hair in coconut oil, concentrating on the length and ends and wrap your hair up in a bun, leaving it on for at least 3 hours. Yes, it’s long, but it takes awhile for your hair to absorb the coconut oil. Personally, I leave it on overnight and sleep with a shower cap on, then shampoo it out and apply conditioner the next day.

Done by: Chop50s

If the idea of potentially causing an oily mess doesn’t appeal to you, head over to Chop50s, where the professionals will be able to restore your hair with their oil treatments. Make your appointment here!

Cleansing conditioners


Don’t worry, we’re not gonna suggest that you stop washing your hair for a week (although, it is a well known piece of advice when it comes to restoring bleached hair). What we’re gonna recommend instead is to replace your regular shampoo with cleansing conditioners. These products can clean your hair without stripping your natural oils, even adding extra moisture to it.


When I get asked of the quickest and most effective way to treat hair damage, my answer is always Olaplex. Just one treatment is enough to see and feel a difference!

Chemical processes such as bleaching break the protein bonds in our hair. As a professional product, Olaplex is able to restore hair effectively by repairing these broken bonds.

Done by: Jin Hair Beauty

When it comes to damaged hair, it’s best to let the experts handle the situation as they have the right experience and tools to identify what your hair needs. Look no further than Jin Hair Beauty, who will help you achieve the healthy bleached hair you always wanted. Make your appointment here!

Deep conditioners


After you bleach your hair, conditioners will become your best friend, but just regular conditioner is not enough. Bleached hair needs a lot of moisture (and we mean A LOT of it), so help your hair out by doing a deep conditioning at least once a week.

Keratin treatments

Your hair is essentially made of keratin, so keratin treatments help to fill up the gaps in the follicles, making it shiny and preventing the hair from snapping off easily. Even though a flat iron would have to be used to seal the keratin in, and applying heat to bleached hair is usually a big no-no, keratin treatments are an exception since they make bleached hair feel a lot healthier.

Done by: Yonghair Beauty Gallery

However, there are many different types of keratin treatments out there for different types of hair, so it’s best to consult a professional on what would suit you best. Why not reach out to Yonghair Beauty Gallery? The pros here are incredibly passionate about what they do, and would definitely love to help you out in your hair journey. Make your appointment here!

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