How to Stop a Baby from Crying?

Beneath all that joy, happiness and overloading cuteness, there come hours of ear-splitting screams that could shatter the windows and late night crying that robs you of your sleep. Whether the baby is crying from hunger, pain or simply wants attention, don’t you just wish he/she would stop crying? (or at least not so often).


Reasons why babies cry

1. Constipation

Your baby could be constipating because of insufficient fluid. A lack of fluid such as breast milk, formula milk or water could be the cause of hard stools. An introduction of new foods could also cause constipation as their body are not used to digesting them other than breast milk. Food such as cheese, yoghurt, bananas and corn are known to cause constipation.


2. Teething

Some babies may experience pain around their gums the time when their first tooth is sprouting. They may cry inconsolably because of the pain. Look out for toy chewing, drooling or gum swelling for signs of teething.

3. Needs to be held

Babies demand a lot of constant hugging, cuddling and physical touch. They cry to signal parents to give them that tender loving care. Hold them close to their chest so that they can listen to your heartbeat to feel safe and secure.

4. Need to sleep

Babies often whine and cry when they find it hard to sleep especially when they are over-tired. The amount of attention from doting visitors may over-stimulate the baby and make it harder for them to sleep.

How to make them stop?

1. Music and Rhythm

Playing some music or singing lullaby helps to soothe your littles ones. Experiment with different kinds of music to see what your baby respond to. They may feel so relaxed that they may even fall asleep sometimes.

2. Swaddling 

Swaddling is wrapping a baby in a blanket for warmth and security, mimicking the same environment as when they are in the womb. Once they felt that their needs have been met, they will eventually stop crying. However, some babies may find swaddling too restrictive and respond better to other forms of comfort such as rhythmic movement or sucking a pacifier.


3. Infant Massage


You’ve heard about pre-natal massage but what about infant massage? Research from the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) has shown that infant massages stimulate baby’s Central Nervous System. It also regulates their digestive systems, balances hormones and immunity, improves coordination, learning and concentration. Moreover, it aids muscle development, growth and enhances the baby’s mind and body.

After a few sessions, parents may find that the massage helps relieve their baby’s teething discomfort, eliminates constipation, pains and muscular tension due to growth. The massage produces more serotonin (a feel-good chemical) in their brain due to the massage, their heart rate and breathing will start to slow down. Feeling more relaxed with improved sleep patterns, the baby will be able to calm themselves down more easily.


Where to get an infant massage?
Look no further because here are a few places to get you started on pampering your little ones.


Ailah Ashailah (@mommylovemassage on Vanitee)

Everyone knows Punggol as a new estate flooded with a lot of new borns and first-time parents. If you happen to live within the area, grab this opportunity and try Ailah’s services now! Get 20 minutes of infant massage for just $15 when you book an adult massage with them.

Irma: (5 / 5)

“Very good and very patient therapist”


Doula Syahirah (@doulasyahirah on Vanitee)

Specialising in taking care of women after birth, Doula offers prenatal massages to mothers as well. A certified Swedish massage and Postnatal massage therapist, be sure to leave your baby in professional care. 20 minutes of infant massage is available now at just $50!


Korina: (5 / 5)

“Good Service and the massage was good”


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