How to take care of your lips post embroidery

Lip embroidery is a god-sent gift: it’s an affordable, efficient, fast and mostly risk-free procedure that helps to achieve your desired lip colour. If you are a still a bit hesitant about the post embroidery care, this is the easy to follow guide for you!


1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

A few days after the procedure, your lips would start peeling and shed off all the dead skins to reveal the new colour. In this period, they are chapped and prone to cracking.

Moisturize the lips every half an hour with a heavy weight balm to ensure they are not over cracked.

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2. Avoid all pressure on your lips in the first week

Your lips are uber tender and sensitive right after the embroidery, so treat them gently. Keep EVERYTHING off your lips: food, water and facial & body products. It could be tricky to drink with a straw or spoon food into your mouth without touching the lips 😉 Persevere, it is only for a few days!

Additionally, although it might be tempting, refrain absolutely from pulling off dead skins from your lips. Let them shed off naturally. This will reduce your lip sensitiveness and allow the new color to stay longer.


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3. Mind your diet

When your lips are healing, avoid dishes that can delay this process. These include eggs, sea foods, spicy foods, raw food and chicken. Instead, switch them out for Vitamin E boosters such as avocado and tomatoes.

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Post lip embroidery care takes effort, but it is not rocket science and certainly worth it. Book lip embroidery service on Vanitee to enjoy your lips’ transformation today!

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