How to treat signs of ageing around your eyes

As much as eyes are the windows to the soul, they are also the first to show the signs of aging. The skin around the eye areas are among the thinnest and most sensitive on the face. It is high time to give your eyes the care they deserve!

1. Adjust your

The first step towards rejuvenate your eye area is to change your lifestyle. Have a consistent sleeping schedule, drink plenty of water and cut down on alcohol and coffee. This will reduce water retention that can exacerbate swelling and result in loss of skin elasticity and formation of fine lines.

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2. Get your sunnies and sunscreen in actions

In Singapore’s hot and sunny weather, free radicals from the sun can potentially destroy skin structure. This could lead to premature sagging of the skin. Time to splurge on that Ray Ban and SPF35 and above sun block!

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3.  Make use of quick home remedies

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Puffy eyes and dark circles are the first obvious signs of tired aging eyes. To quickly de-puff your eyes: press a frozen spoon or a towel-wrapped ice cube to your undereye areas for 15 minutes. Alternatively, soak used tea bags in cold water then apply to your undereyes to minimize the panda eyes effect.


4. Give your eyes that million-dollar massage

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Remember when your muscles are sore and how a simple body massage relieves it by so much? It is the same for the eyes. Eye massages improve blood circulation around the eyes. This can help with dark eye circles and puffiness.

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