How To Wear Heels Everyday

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Making full use of your heel cabinet is not a goal that’s too high to reach, though not necessarily a healthy one.

Whether it’s for better posture, to brush up on your corporate image or to look slinky on your nights out, here are some ways to lighten the physical toll of wearing heels everyday so you don’t have to carry a blister pack (or your heels) in hand. Let those hips sway!

Gaining Your Footing

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If your feet hurt more than most people’s’ when you wear heels, it’s more than likely you’re wearing heels that aren’t a good fit. The temporary pain in your feet can turn that gentle curve of your back into a slouch, which will leave a worse toll now because of the added impact of gravity.

Know if your feet are broad, if your size is different for both feet, or if you’ve got lengthy toes. Every inch of a difference could mean a number less on the pain scale. If you don’t know how to figure this out, try comparing your feet with your friends’, or wetting your feet, then standing on a piece of paper to study your imprint.

Your needs may mean finding out you can’t wear closed-toe heels anymore, or that you need to ditch the pointy heels for platforms. With heels, there’s no “stretching” your shoes.

Skinny’s Always In, But Thick is Healthy Too

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Stick thin heels like stilettos give you a ridiculously small point to balance on. Superficially, this means the heels of your feet have a really small, focused point of pressure for pain and pressure to be distributed on.

The same logic applies with thin soles, and shoes with coverage on top. Giving your feet a larger bed to rest on will allow a healthier surface of distribution for pressure absorption.

The Strength To Stand Tall

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Your experience when wearing heels lies in more than the technicalities, and there are things that you can do to take your lack of pain to the next level. Exercise and rest!

Work calf and ankle-intensive exercises into your routine to help you manage the added stress that your body has to cope with.

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Stretching when you take off your heels will also help relax those tense muscles, reducing the odds of those unforgiving foot cramps.

With that said, there’s no better way to stretch and relax your feet than with some damage-controlling foot massages!

Infinite Beauty House is having a special promotional offer for their 30 minutes foot massage service – instead of the usual price of $38, now you get to treat yourself for only $28!

Alternatively, if you’d like a quick soak for your aching feet, Flare Wellness has got you covered.

For only $18, you get to soak your feet into a tub of warm water mixed with essential oils, aloe vera, lemongrass and more! Click here to provide some relief for your tired legs.

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