How You Can Do Your Own Brows

I’m a self-professed eyebrow professional, but only as far as my own brows are concerned. Having full control of my own brows, it’s easier when I know I have that one brow strand that can’t be trimmed because it curls downwards when it’s short.

Here’s how to arm yourself with the ability to do your own eyebrows, or to know what to tell your stylist the next time you go for a threading session. But before that, grab a pair of tweezers, some facial oil and a cooling gel.

Know Your Shape


Shaping your eyebrows is not as daunting as it may seem. It doesn’t require that you be a good artist if you use a template. Here’s one that’s easy to follow, and maintain, while taking facial symmetry into account. There are three main components to the basic shape of an eyebrow: the start, arch and end.

For starters, use an eyebrow pencil and hold it vertically at the middle of each nostril. Make a mark at the point of your eyebrow that the pencil touches. This is where your eyebrows should start.

For your arch, align the pencil from the middle of your nostril, to the outer edge of your iris (the dark, innermost circle of your eye). Make a mark where the pencil meets your eyebrow, to indicate where your eyebrow should arch.

For your final marking, align the pencil from the middle of your nostril to the outer edge of your eye! The part where this meets is where your eyebrows should end. Make a mark to set a guide!

Snip, Snip Bish

Use a mascara wand, spool or a brush to brush your brows upward at an angle. Cut the ends of the longer hairs a to even out their length, using the angling of your brows to give you a sense of direction. This’ll make it easier for you to tweeze the extra strands, making sure you don’t mistake the length of your strands for additional strands. If you’ve got doubts on whether to cut them more, err on the safe side and leave the additional cutting for when you’re done tweezing.

Tweeze Me

Rub your brows with oil to allow for your skin to relax such that your hair strands can come off readily. When tweezing, tweeze in the direction of your hair’s growth, and decide whether you’d prefer to hold your skin taut or not, testing for pain levels. Tweeze in a row directly below your markings to get the shape that you mapped out previously, beginning with stray hairs. If you find that the arch on your brow is too subtle or straight, remove an additional row from below the peak of your brow.

Step away from your mirror every once in a while to make sure you’re not overdoing the tweezing. Make sure not to use a magnifying mirror, and use daylight! For first-timers, make sure to stop the moment you feel a tinge of doubt about whether you should continue. As you gain experience, you’ll gain a better gage on what looks best on your face.

It’d be quite understandable if self-tweezing isn’t your thing, especially if you think you can’t be the best judge of what type of brow shape suits your face best. Sensedebelle offers an eyebrow shaping service for $10.

Photo by: Sensedebelle

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On the other hand, your brows may grow unevenly, or be too sparse for you to afford threading them. You could consider an eyebrow embroidery service. Anoivint offers a service that can make your eyebrows look fit for Korean beauty standards.

Done by: Anoivint

Their Korean powder brow service can be booked if you click here for just $199.

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