Japanese “Kira Kira” makeup that is now viral in Korea!

Image from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM9_5yI4mfQ

“Kira Kira” makeup, which means sparkling makeup in Japanese, was recently introduced in South Korea and it is now wildly popular in the K-pop industry! Donned by many popular Korean idols, let’s take a look at how some of the most popular Korean celebrities showcased their Kira Kira selves:

Mint crystals

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Well-known Korean artist, Pony, created her own rendition of this makeup trend by adding iridescent glitters right under her eyes. These glittery studs are usually placed near the eyes, on the upper cheeks or even the forehead!

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SHINee’s Key rocked his Kira Kira look by adding several more sparkles in different colours.


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Not only does this Kira Kira makeup trend makes you look more youthful, it also gives you a nice magical touch.

이번주도 💃🏻

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Smiling with a twinkle under the eye!

This “Kira Kira” is definitely suitable for days where you need to attend parties or any special events. If you are not confident of putting it on yourself, you can always seek help from our very own Vanitee makeup artists  and enjoy $8 your first booking!

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