Koreans are now embroidering their hairlines to look young

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Have you ever wondered why the Koreans never seem to age? Not only are they the masters of skincare knowledge, they have also started to fill up their hairline in order to achieve more fuller looking forehead, hence achieving a more youthful look! Of course, we also have to note that women are also turning to hairline embroidery because of hair loss problems.

The same as eyebrow embroidery, hairline embroidery involves microblading that can realistically replicate hair strands on the scalp and especially the hairline area, concealing areas where hair has thinned.

(Done by: artbrow on Vanitee)

Thin and tiny strokes are drawn in order to mimic your natural hair growth. This creates the illusion where your hairline is still “complete.” The appearance of a small and rounder forehead also helps greatly in allowing you to look more youthful and radiant.

(Done by: artbrow on Vanitee)

Exposed areas of the scalp is filled in with natural tints to give the appearance of fuller hair. You can go to artbrow if you are interested in having full head front hairline embroidery or side headline embroidery done!

(Done by: rivawengstudio on Vanitee)

Do check out rivawengstudio who does front hairline embroidery or artbrow who does full head front hairline embroidery if you are interested to engage in hairline embroidery services!

  • Avoid touching your hairline and minimize contact with water and sweat for 2-3 days
  • Apply aftercare cream religiously for 3-4 times per day for 6-8 days
  • Avoid applying makeup and skincare products around the area for 3-4 days
  • There is no required downtime but do expect to experience some form of peeling before the pigment strokes are revealed underneath
  • You are strongly advised not to wash your scalp too often for best colour retention results
  • Since embroidery involves the use of semi-permanent ink, you are strongly advised to go for touch-ups after 1-2 years in order to cover up sparse spots.

For the Koreans, the pursuit to look youthful never seem to end and we have a lot to learn from them. If you think that a hairline embroidery is too invasive, you could always try using makeup or hair powder to cover up sparse spots in your hairline!

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