Latest Korean Nail Trend: Magic Film Nails

The nail art trends in Korea are often minimalist and subtle with just a few strokes across the nude base nail or simply a few simple symbols on the centre of the nail bed. The abstract yet stylish nail art even became the signature style of many famous Korean nail artists. This trend took a turn when the shattered-glass nails emerged. Small, iridescent triangles are placed on the nails to mimic fragments of glass.

Following that came a much intense version of the shattered-glass nails which took Instagram by storm last year – Diamond nails. This nail trend that shouts SHINY uses silver holographic nail foil that wraps around the entire nail.


This time, the Koreans are in for something louder than that.

Magic film producer DIAMI started this madness and since then, many nail artists are dying to get their hands on them. In case you are wondering what’s the hype about this magic film, check out this video:

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The foil that was similar to the one used for the Diamond nails are now cut into strips in the same width. They were then placed neatly side by side, covering the entire nail bed. You don’t have to worry about any edges popping out in the corners as the film works by transferring the film onto the nails itself.

Don’t you find it absolutely satisfying just by watching her peel off those films? It’s like revealing the magic beneath *poof!*


Just look at the different possible types of combinations available on the chart!




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