Make-up Tricks for Gym Goers

There are definitely divided opinions on whether one should wear make up to gym. At Vanitee, however, we absolutely believe that when you look better, you perform better 😉 Below are some of our tips for you to shine at the gym.

1. Go minimal

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While we are make-up advocate, a heavy coverage make up could cause more harm than good. Exercising causes your skin to perspire and release dirt from pores. However, layers of make-up can trap all the heat and dirt. This will lead to acne in the long run.

Therefore, go light with your make up. Go with cream products rather than powder, as they don’t clog the skin as much. It’s also good to focus on areas like eyebrows or lips which can define your face without blocking your sweating skin.


2. Go waterproof

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Sweats from exercising can smear and smudge your make up, which could be uncomfortable and quite a sight to behold =). Therefore, use waterproof items like mascara and eyeliners to prevent such (literal) melt-down.


3. Go semi-permanent

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 Wondering whether looking good at the gym is worth the trouble of doing and choosing the right make up? Here is the solution for you: undergoing semi-permanent make up procedures like eyebrow or eyeliner tattoo and lip embroidery. You will always look gorgeous as if you are wearing light make up, without the hassle of doing so. It’s a win-win!

Book semi-permanent make up services on Vanitee today to look picture perfect in gym sessions.

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