Make Your Pregnancy Easier With This Massage For Expectant Mothers

Ever woke up with a backache so bad you were unable to leave your bed? Wished there was a masseuse who could do a housecall for you?

Amber, founder of The Outcall Spa, woke up one day with a muscle pull and wished for exactly that. But upon realising that there were a limited number of freelance massage therapists in the industry, she took matters into her own hands.

She called her friend, Stella, also founder of The Outcall Spa and proposed the idea of starting a massage spa specialising in housecalls. From that, Amber(right) and Stella(left) created The Outcall Spa.

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Outcall Spa believes that the best place to have a treatment is in the comfort of your own home. If you’re worried about getting massage oil all over your sheets, fret not. Outcall provides everything – from towels to spa beds and even disposable underwear.

After receiving feedback from pregnant customers, Outcall started importing tailor-made beds from the United States. The bed has a removable section for the mother to rest her bump in. This eliminates the need to lie on her side for a 90-minute massage, which creates a strain instead of enjoyment.

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Customers will be offered a variety of massage oils by the therapist, and upon stating their preference, the massage begins. A good massage is important for a smooth pregnancy, as it relieves the ache on the mothers’ bodies from carrying their child around all day. Furthermore, it improves blood circulation in the body, giving the exhausted mothers a good night’s sleep.

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Last week, Vanitee partnered with Outcall Spa to provide Sherry, our top makeup artist for Vanitee Awards 2016, who is 28 weeks pregnant with her second child, with an enjoyable massage. Sherry was all smiles and eager to try out the pre-natal package they had to offer.

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For her massage, the therapist used red seed oil. Red seed oil is gentle on the body, and won’t be absorbed into your blood vessels – meaning it’s safe for your baby and you.

After her massage, Sherry enthused that she felt really relaxed and the massage was really comfortable. She didn’t experience any discomfort because of the special massage bed which accomodated her baby bump.

The Outcall Spa provides housecalls till 12 midnight on weekdays and 2am on weekends, so mothers can still enjoy a relaxing massage after a long day of work.

Mummies who are between week 20 to 36 of their pregnancy are encouraged to try their massages, but do remember to check with your doctor before making any appointments!

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As a reward for all you readers out there, Outcall Spa is currently having a promotion – the 120 minute pre-natal massage is currently going for $188 (U.P.. $268). You can purchase this offer on Vanitee.

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