Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Fragrance Inspired Nail Art

Who can deny that Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Fragrance bottle designs are just so adorable and chic?! Its signature floral patterned bottle has given rise to many art inspirations, especially nail art. With its minimalistic, cute yet classy design, it’s no wonder that nail manicurists would be inspired by it for their nail art!

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Check out some of these Marc Jacobs Daisy inspired nail art! These dainty designs are sure to make you look like the girl-next-door.

Photo Credits: Embellirvosongles on Vanitee

Photo Credits: Miraclez Nails on Vanitee

Photo Credits: Nails Fifth Avenue onVanitee

Check out the impeccable Marc Jacobs Fragrance inspired nails done by one of Vanitee’s manicurists You You Homenails on one of our influencers @PrettyWildThing! The minimalistic design using just pink, white and black polish, creates a classy look and by adding just a couple of daisies give it such a feminine touch!

You can check out the video of how these beautiful nails are done on the link here!

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