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It’s summer and time to hit the beach! You may already know how to get that body summer ready, but are your nails ready? Apart from soaking myself in the sun and the cooling waters, my absolute favorite is strolling on the beach picking up beautiful seashells among the sand. Don’t you just love feeling the wind in your hair and kicking the sand while scavenging for something beautiful?


No time for the beach? 

If it is difficult for you to take time off your busy schedule to hit the beach, why not put it on your nails? What if I told you you can have seashells right at your fingertips without going to the beach and search for hours to find one? Following the unicorn craze, here comes the mermaid craze! The internet is flooded with the latest nail art trend – 3D mermaid seashell nail art!


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Similar to the popular 3D knit nail art, the mermaid seashell nail art is constructed the same way by building up layers of gel to create a three dimensional pattern, resembling the ribs of a seashell! Many famous nail artists in Japan has created different versions of the nail garnering much attention from many audiences on Instagram! I’m totally captivated just by looking at the different variations of the design!


今日もサロンワーク♡ #人魚の鱗 #マーメイドスタイル ピンクが多めなカラーで 本当に可愛い♡ . たくさん、皆さんがアップしてくれて 嬉しすぎます♡(*´∇`*) . お客様オリジナルカラーで #人魚の鱗 マーメイドネイルを 楽しんでくださいました♡ . 使用カラーは、 #agehagel 34.29.30. 35.37.38. マットトップ 大切なのが、 agehaTOPGEL♡ 全てLED20秒、 UV2分完全硬化です♡ . グラデーションは、 オリジナルでラメを入れて #agehagel 21, グラデーションクリアージェル でグラデーション♡ パールの固定は #agehagel チャームオンノンワイプ こちらもLED20秒. UV2分完全硬化です♡ . #agehagel 一般発売は、 6月23日予定です♡ #인어의비늘 #美人鱼的鳞片 #mermaidscale #nailart #маникюр #naildesign #nails #design #art #clou #agehaネイル #agehanails #네일 #ネイルアーティスト#مسمار #美甲 #美甲設計 #光療凝膠 #гвоздь #nailswag #ネイルアーティスト #ジェルネイル #デザイン #agehacollection #ageジェル #agehagel

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Our Top Artists on Vanitee has also been keeping up with the trend as well! Check out their creative versions of the Mermaid Seashell Nails!


Stelish Nails (@stelishnails on Vanitee)

Add on some pearl ornaments for an enhanced seashell look in this shimmery pastel version of the seashell nails!

Done By: stelishnails

Little Nails Castle (@littlenailscastle on Vanitee)

Not sure which colour to choose? Combine them by doing multiple tone gradient!


Done By: littlenailscastle

D’Nails Cafe (@dnailscafe on Vanitee)

If you dislike fanciful colours and prefer the original pearly white of a real seashell, this set is great for all you minimalists out there!

Done By: dnailscafe

Oncloud9ail (@Oncloud9ail on Vanitee)

Add on some iridescent flakes to complement the magical mermaid feel in soft pastel pink!

Done By: Oncloud9ail 

Nail It Up! (@Nailitup on Vanitee)

For a limited time only, Nailitup is having a promotion! Save $10 when you get a Classic gel manicure with trending mermaid shell at $60 (U.P $70). Appointment must be booked and completed by 8 July 2017. Purchase this offer now on Vanitee!

Done By: Nailitup

The Nail Gallery By Sharon (@thenailgallerybysharon on Vanitee)

Thenailgallerybysharon is also having a promotion as well! Get an Express gel manicure with the sea shell nail art for only $48 (U.P $58). Appointment must be booked and completed by 13 July 2017. Purchase this offer now on Vanitee!

Done By: thenailgallerybysharon

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