Minimalist Korean Nails vs Intricate Japanese Nails

Minimalist Korean Nails

The Korean nail art style looks stylish and gives a low-key but interesting touch suitable for any outfit. Where less is more, this type of style consists of a nude or clear base with some abstract or understated shapes on top. Some of the designs remind us of spiritual signs, and they are also super quick and easy to achieve.



Famous manicurist and founder of Unistella Salon, Eun Kyung Park is a celebrity nail artist in Korea. She has always been leading the Korean nail art trend which also brought great inspirations to many nail artists around the world. Some of her famous works include the Bracelet Nails and the shiny, eye-catching Diamond Nails. 

Check out these Korean inspired nail art done by our very own artists on Vanitee.


Fang Fang (@littlenailshop on Vanitee)


Patricia (@nailzcouture on Vanitee)

JIA Manicure (@jiamanicure on Vanitee)


Intricate Japanese Nails

We all know that Japan is known for their crazy innovations and are super meticulous in their work. Their attention and precision for nail art are so sophisticated you will be left staring at your nails for hours. Mananails is one of the hottest Japanese manicurist known for her creative and intricate nail art designs. Check out her Instagram below and be awed by her version of the intricate embroidery and crochet designs which are currently in trend now:





You probably need very good eyesight for this kind of complicated details. Patience and concentration are certainly needed from the manicurist as well to control and pull through the strenuous design. Customers can also play a part by keeping their fingers really still! Check out these Japanese inspired nail art done by our very own artists on Vanitee.


The Nail Dream (@thenaildream on Vanitee)


Eloise (@ellynails on Vanitee) 


Agnes G (@agnesgnails on Vanitee)


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