Most Effective Slimming Treatments for a Slender Silhouette

In Singapore, it’s almost always bikini weather given the amount of sun we get! Exercise and a good diet are the most important factors in achieving the best body we can, but what happens when you hit a plateau and nothing works anymore?

Enter slimming treatments. You’ve seen them on ads, brochures, the internet – these high tech, non-invasive procedures designed to shrink waistlines, reduce cellulite and shed the pounds while you simply lie there in a lavender-scented room with soothing music.

The question is, there are so many different types of slimming treatments out there. And do they even work?

While they are not a miracle quick fix, results do show after a few treatments. Before you drop the bundle to lose the inches, read on to get an idea what would best suit you!



Laser therapy

By using low levels of light and laser, fat cells are stimulated and broken down in the targeted area. After the fat cells collapse, they are released from the body as waste. Suction and rollers may be used as well to increase circulation and smooth out any dimples on the body.

Done by: NewU Aesthetics

Don’t be intimidated by NewU Aesthetics’ LipoLaser treatment. A combination of ‘liposuction’ and ‘laser’, the procedure is completely painless and more advanced than traditional laser treatments. You can also choose to combine this with other treatments! Make your appointment here.

Lymphatic drainage massage


A lymphatic drainage massage helps clear cellular waste, toxins and excess fluid trapped between cells, moving them into the bloodstream and ultimately the toilet. The treatment serves as a great complement to other slimming treatments, and is especially great if you are on a detox journey.

Turn to Flare Wellness for a lymphatic detox, where the beauty therapists will be able to help you out with issues like fluid retention and flushing out toxins. Make your appointment here!

Fat freezing

Done by: NewU Aesthetics

Can you freeze off your fats? Surprisingly, you can! By cooling down fat cells, the end of the cell’s life cycle is initiated, thus killing and disposing of them. Like laser treatments, the collapsed cells are then expelled from the body as waste. But don’t just go holding a bag of ice cubes to your skin! The treatment only works with modern equipment that comes with protective membranes to shield the skin, so it’s best to visit an expert for this.

Look no further than NewU Aesthetics, whose wide array of slimming services also include fat freezing. Now you can bid goodbye to the stubborn fats! Make your appointment here.

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