Nail Art Inspired by Our Favourite Kpop Idols

Koreans are possibly hands-down the ones with the best beauty and pampering regimes, and our favourite group of Koreans has definitely got to be our beloved idols. So now that we already know the products they use, let’s take a peek into their manicures!

AOA’s Jimin

2NE1’s CL (Maybelline Korea)

2NE1’s CL  (Again, because her nail art is boomz)

Girl’s Generation’s Hyoyeon

2NE1’s Park Bom

SNSD’s Tiffany

CLC’s Elkie

SNSD’s Tae Yeon 

Miss A’s Jia

Since not all of us can exactly drop our responsibilities and fly to Korea to support our idols, here are some equally bling alternatives to show our love for them:

Done by: @thistlebellenail on Vanitee 

Geometric lines nail art will never go out of style. Taking reference from CL’s manicure, pinkish nudes as a base colour with black geometric lines seems like its the best colour combination for geometrics to stand out.

Done by: @thenailartchamber on Vanitee 

If you are not the type with blings, florals and bright colours. Miss A’s Jia’s manicure might have caught your attention. Mostly using black as the base colour and studs to bring out the coolness in you.


Done by: @belleandco on Vanitee

As seen on AOA’s Jimin’s nails with nude colours and watercolour strokes. This set from @belleandco exude elegance with these almond nails that give you a subtle twist on the classic floral design. An accent floral nail per finger and additional silver glitter completes the nail art.


Done by: @belleandco on Vanitee

 Knock socks off with both crystals and studs. If you’re worried that it will look too overwhelming, why not pair them with nude colours to tone down the bling? Similar to SNSD’s Hyo Yeon’s manicure, pairing rosegold/gold studs with nude base colour.


Done by: @jnailsgarden on Vanitee

Being adventurous with your colours can pay off. This colour blocking technique is a little more artsy-fartsy than usual and you can also experiment with a matte finish rather than the usual glossy finish. In 2NE1’s CL’s Maybelline Korea shoot nail art, CL has heart-shaped tips and distinct colours that complement the design.

Done by: @jnailsgarden on Vanitee

Done by: @shiningnails on Vanitee

As seen on Park Bom’s and Tiffany’s nails, bright colours, blings and 3D nail art brings out the fun and lively image in them. Specialised in 3D nail art, @shiningnails can make anything and everything you love into mini 3D nail art designs! Meanwhile, @jnailsgarden is ready to mix and match all her blings both big and small to make your manicure pop!

Done by: @jiamanicure on Vanitee

There are two types of people in this world, either you go full bling and loud or you are minimalist as hell. Following CLC’s Elkie’s and SNSD’s Tae Yeon minimalistic nail art, @jiamanicure is also a fan and skilful of minimalistic designs that brings out the simplicity and neatness of the manicure.


Show your love for all things Kpop with your nails and book a nail artist today!


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