Nail Art that’s Trending in 2018

Want to find out what’s the trendiest nail art this year to show off during your Chinese New Year visitings? Well, we’ve round up some of our favourite nail trends in 2018 that is perfect for any occasion!

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If you are a fan of gradient nails, then you’ll love this one. Instead of doing the gradient treatment on each of your nails, why not put one of every shade on each nail?! This golden metallic nails will sure get everyone talking about how glamorous you look!

Done by: Summer Nail Salon

Bejewel your nails with this nail art to make you look as elegant as a princess, because who wouldn’t want to feel like a princess right? You can opt for a different patterned embellishments on each nail to change it up a notch!

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If you are more of a stylish, fashionista kind of gal, you wouldn’t want to miss trying this nail art out! With these I-just-want-to-party nails, you’ll be the life of the party this Chinese New Year for sure.

Done by: ELGstyle. Nails

What’s Chinese New Year without some red nails to get in the festive spirit? Floral nails are trending, so not only will you have the hippest nails, you’ll fit right in with all the red outfits everyone will be wearing this Chinese New Year!

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Mirrored, metallic nails are killing’ it this season. It’s classy, it’s trendy and it matches with almost anything you wear.

Done by: Shining Beauty First

If you want something simple, and trendy at the same time, this nail art is for you. This new year, it’s all about the lines. With just three basic colours, and a different nail art on each nail, it’s definitely worth a try this CNY!


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