Nail Transformations that Will Change Your Life

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Always wanted nails like these but could never get yours to grow out enough?

∆ pinterest | yourlocallizzie ∆  Even with the simple whit nail polish, you can actually see how stunning it would make you look like. But you can accentuate your nail art with a great pattern and a diamond stone.

Artificial nails are created by putting a hard protective layer sculpted over the natural nail. (Do note that artificial nails are extensions, but not a replacement for natural nails!) They are suitable for those with bitten nails or those who want long nails but hard to grow out.

Left: Before nail extensions | Right: After nail extensions

There are two types of artificial nails: acrylic nails & hard gel nails. If you’re wondering which to get, I’ve made a list of pros and cons below!

Acrylic does not need a UV lamp to dry, which gives it an advantage over gel nails. Simply exposing it to air hardens it (think acrylic paint)!

Benefits of Acrylic Nail Extensions

1. They are incredibly hard. Acrylic nails are difficult to break – you won’t have to worry about breaking them when opening canned drinks or doing household chores!

2. You can change the shape whenever you want. Armed with a nail file, the possibilities are endless: square, round, almond, whichever.

3. If you’ve always wanted identical nails, acrylics are the way to go. The durability of acrylic nails means that they can be filed down to any shape you prefer.


Cons of Acrylic Nail Extensions

1. It is difficult for your natural nail to grow out when an acrylic nail is present, which means the nail can become very thin post-removal.

2. Your nails may also be allergic to the chemicals used to create acrylics.

3. Dirt can get trapped under your acrylics very easily, so you’ll have to be extra thorough when washing your hands.

4. Because of the chemicals in acrylic, they turn yellow after time.

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And no, we don’t mean this beautiful shade of yellow


Hard gel extensions are not the same as gel nail polish, in case you’re confused. Gel extensions work the same way as acrylic ones – that is, to increase the length of your nail. Gel nail polishes are what you paint your nail with (aka the thousand and one colours at the nail salon).

Benefits of Hard Gel Extensions

1. There are no fumes, as compared to when applying acrylic nail extensions.

2. Gel nails come with a glossier finish so you won’t have to further apply any colours for it to achieve the ~natural looking~ vibe.

3. They are also more flexible compared to acrylic nails, which means lower chances of breaking them by accident. (But of course, do try your best not to do extreme sports with them)

 nail GIF


Cons of Hard Gel Extensions

1. Unlike acrylics, they cannot be ‘repaired’ or ‘touched up’. When your natural nail grows out, you’ll have to redo your extensions altogether.

2. When your nails are buffed repeatedly, they may become thinner over time.

3. As the gel starts chipping, you have to resist from picking at it – it’s bad for your nail bed!

4. Constant exposure to UV light could increase your chances of skin cancer.


We have many nail artists on Vanitee who do nail extensions – check our their works below!

Done by: @thenailscanvas on Vanitee


Done by: @luxewomen on Vanitee


Done by: @knailcreation on Vanitee


Done by: @cherpetitenails on Vanitee

Ultimately, the important thing to do would be telling your nail artist about your lifestyle so she will know which type of extensions would suit you better & last longer.


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