Neck Neglect?


Do you think your neck is clean? Think again. Many do not consider their necks while going through their skincare.

Psychologically, individuals tend to miss out or focus lesser on their necks, in comparison to their other body parts, due to the presumption that it will always be clean. However, necks are yet another body part that should be pampered with a proper skincare routine.

Built-up of makeup residue is one revolting issue that many miss out on, due to the tendency to clean makeup off just up till the chin area. A study done by dermatologists proved that individuals put in lesser effort to clean off makeup from their necks. Evidently, many are not aware of the adverse effects of neglecting their necks. Here’s why:

Improper or insufficient care for your necks might lead to early signs of aging and saggy skin to develop around your neck areas. Not applying sunscreen on your neck might be another factor.

As the skin on the neck is a lot thinner as compared to skin on the face, it is more sensitive to the sun’s heat, causing dryness and decreasing the moisture around your neck. Sunscreens helps to curb this issue by protecting these exposed areas from the sun’s radiation.

So how can one prevent their necks from getting wrinkled and blotchy over time? The solution to this is simple: Neck Facials.

Many might not be aware that there are indeed facials for necks. Apart from neck exercises that helps anti-aging, these facials are essential to tone and firm up the skin around your neck.

Toning helps to boost the blood circulation and releases tension around your neck. This tension might be a cause of constant movement of the neck muscles and the strain builds up as an individual ages. Additionally, if you are worried about pigmentation or darkening of skin around your neck, you might want to consider neck waxing. Yes, you read it right!


Neck waxing allows your skin to lighten and smoothen. It also helps in refining the skin’s texture. Even the nape can be waxed, giving your neck a more slender appearance.


Neck facials and waxing are not common and it might be tough to source for a good and professional beauty salon that is able to help you.

However, there are other services that you can opt for. If you have become more mindful about your neck after reading this article, we recommend you to try these services that are essential for the well-being of your neck.

OptimalWellness is helping you to attain maximum wellness through their Sono Perfect Neck Lift Therapy service.

Done by: OptimalWellness

At just S$128, this Neck Firming process targets the skin around your neck and helps to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and improve your skin’s elasticity. Leave with a youthful looking neck and regain your beauty!


Click here to book an appointment for the Sono Perfect Neck Lift Therapy.


This full wellness service center also provides MTM Neck Therapy, to help you relieve stiff neck or built-up tension from your neck muscles.


Click here to go for the MTM Neck Therapy.

Alternatively, you can opt for waxings to keep your neck looking fresh and supple.


EO Beauty Work specialises in hair removal and serves as the perfect location to get your necks waxed at. They provide both neck and nape waxing services at reasonably affordable rates. At only S$35 for both neck and nape waxing, what are you waiting for?


Click here to book an appointment for neck waxing and here for nape waxing.


Stop neglecting your necks and start taking good care of it. Never feel embarrassed to walk out of your home without a scarf and fight those signs of aging today!

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