NOW TRENDING: 3D Unicorn Horn Nails

3D unicorn nails are the latest addition to the unicorn craze. If having rainbow colours or magic film on your nails are not enough, these acrylic nails are sculpted such that you can wear a unicorn horn right on your finger tips.

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These 3D unicorn horns are often spotted on stiletto shaped manicures for a true unicorn horn look.

For true unicorn enthusiasts, make a statement by spotting a rainbow unicorn horn.

Or even a holographic one! For all our working professionals, the nude colours and the slightly rounded stiletto nail shape on this manicure makes the look much more slick as well.

Done by: @thenailartchamber on Vanitee

But if you don’t have to a professional look to adhere to at work, go all out  and make your nails dazzle with pink chrome and glitter! The sky’s the limit!

We’ve also spotted 3D unicorn horns on these mermaid nail manicures.

Done by: @rachelnailz on Vanitee


Done by: @oohlala on Vanitee


Done by: @oohlala on Vanitee

Can’t choose between Team Mermaid or Team Unicorn? You don’t have to! These creative artists have incorporated the 3D unicorn horn with mermaid seashells and pearl charms, for a truly mythical manicure.

Go forth and get your 3D unicorn manicure today! Vanitee is even throwing in a $52 gift pack if you’re one of the first 52 customers to purchase these manicures from now till 31 August 2017.


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