Ah yes, that’s right! NAILS! Who need mirrors when you could just have mirror nails?
(p.s. Some people call it Chrome Nails)

 Like this one on jeffreestar (below) ; we totally fell right in love with them the moment we saw it! 😍

Ain’t it gorgeous!?

Well, don’t you worry honey, we’ve got some wonderful tips on how you could get your million-dollar looking mirror nails too!

Like this one here:

Rose Gold Chrome Nails

Slack for iOS Upload-10.png

Want to look elegant yet chic at the same time? How about giving these enchanting Rose Gold Chrome nails a try? Match it with your favourite neutral coloured outfit, and you will never go wrong!

By @thenailsink


Accent Mirror nails

Slack for iOS Upload-12.png

If you think a full set of the mirror nails is too overwhelming, you could pair it with other nail art styles such as the marble art above, or simply use it as an accent to Oomph your single toned set of nails!

By @thenailartasaurus


Dual Chrome Nails

Slack for iOS Upload-14.png

Oh boy! This is one of our favourite; it’s such an interesting set of polish to play with; as you tilt your hands slightly in different directions, you’ll get to see a wide array of colours reflecting! How funky is that! 😀

By: @couturenail


Metallic Chrome Nails


We love how this set is so ‘bling’ but not to the point it blinds us! Mix and match with different shade of metallics to achieve this ‘mirror-ful’ set of nails, and you’re cool to go!

By @nailzcouture

It’s time to ditch your mirror girls! Who needs the mirrors when you when you have ten on your fingers!  💁🏽

These artists (and more) are offering a FULL set of mirror nail art only @ $60 nett!


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