What To Do When You Have An Oily Scalp?

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Oily scalps are caused by a variety of reasons, including over-cleansing, our diet and natural causes like the humidity in Singapore *sighs* However, fret not – this can be solved by getting to the root of the problem – literally.

While this may seem completely counter-intuitive, using less shampoo is actually great for your scalp because shampoo actually strips your scalp of sebum. This causes the skin to react by producing more sebum, which is what causes the oiliness.

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If you’re going to do physical activities for a few days in a row, then shampooing is inevitable. In this case, you can alternate between a deep-cleansing shampoo and a lighter one, as well as using conditioner daily. The deep-cleansing shampoo will help to remove the oil on the scalp, while your conditioner will keep the skin moist to prevent it from producing oils.

The nourishing ingredients in hair masks serve to close the hair’s cuticle, leaving your overly dry hair looking shiny and soft. While it may be tempting to swap out your daily conditioner for hair masking (we’ve all been there), note that using a hair mask more than once or twice a week could weigh down our hair instead, making it look greasy.

Oil and dirt may build up on your scalp to a point where you need to “scrub” them off. Exfoliating your scalp will clear away this build-up, and what better place to do it than at one of Vanitee’s hair salons?

At @akstrahairaesthetics, you can opt for a detoxifying scalp therapy at $158. If it’s your first time with them, they have a one-time trial price of $38! This is definitely a steal at one quarter the price 🙂 The treatment promises to exfoliate your skin cells to remove any buildup which allows your skin to breathe better!

Veng: (5 / 5)

Great service with quality from everyone there. Especially Shawn who attended to me, he was very accomodating and his attentiveness to details made me decide to return again.

For those looking to rebalance the pH levels in your scalp, you can check out @nwavehairstudio. For optimal looks, our scalp should be slightly acidic at pH 5.5. Too alkaline skin becomes dry and sensitive and can possibly lead to eczema!

Nurul: (5 / 5)

Wonderful service! Nick and his colleague (whose name I didn’t get) gave a lot of hair care tips. Service wasn’t compromised despite the fact that I bought the treatment at an offer. Highly recommended!


Hurray, ladies! With these tips, you can now enjoy oil-free scalps!

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