Problems Anyone With Oily Skin Will Understand

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Ever woken up feeling like you forgot to wash your face the night before? Or are you trained in the art of taking photos with captions like “not sure if oil or highlighter”? Having oily skin in a humid country is the absolute worst, and I’m sure all of us girls can relate to the scenarios below:

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What do you mean I’ve exceeded my budget for this month?? *Looks into bag to see oil blotting paper everwhere*

Oh… right…

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Absolutely relatable.

Ever heard that oil can solve problems with oily skin? If you’re scratching your head, you’re not alone.

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Like… whaaa?


Of course, we’re not going to leave you with no solutions for your skin!

At @lavishbeauty, you can opt for a purifying facial. First-time customers get to enjoy a special price of $58 for cleansing, peeling, extraction and even eyebrow trimming!

If you’re facing acne problems, why not try the anti-bacterial treatment by @skinzheritage? It promises to kill the bacteria using a specially formulated treatment which targets oily skin at the same time.

Oily skin is a problem but we don’t have to let it ruin our lives! Regular facial treatments and proper hygiene can go a long way as well.

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