10 Lily Allen nail art designs

Lily Allen Red Gold Black Nails

All hail the nail queen! The quirky British singer just loves expressing her personality through her nails.

It is no secret that British pop star Lily Allen (@lilyallen) is the queen of nail designs. She flaunts her new nail designs on Instagram nearly every week.

Here’s a recap of our 10 fave Lily Allen nail looks of 2015!!

1. Ukiyo-e Nails


(From: instagram.com)

These traditional Ukiyo-e-inspired nail art came about from the love Lily has towards her Japanese fans when she was there for a tour in Japan last year. How sweet of Lily to do that!

2. Pink Ombré Bling


(From: instagram.com)

Pink ombré mermaid hair was all the age this year, it’s no surprise that the British singer has worked the trend onto her nails.

3. Charmed Away


(From: instagram.com)

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, gold is her other soul sister. We love how these little golden beads form intricate details (horizontal lines and moon shapes) on the nails.

4. Turquoise Dream


(From: stealherstyle.net)

Other than living a teenage dream, try living a turquoise dream like Lily! The marbling makes her nails look like actual turquoise stones!

5. Sunset Glamour

(From: instagram.com)

Orange and gold is always a classic combination, but the almond shape makes them on-trend!

6. Floral Origami

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 7.11.27 PM

(From: instagram.com)

Lily clearly loves all things Japanese, with these intricate floral origami designs. We’re so tempted to do them for Lunar New Year!

7. Hot Tropics


(From: instagram.com)

There’s never a dull moment in Lily’s life. Even something as prosaic as a palm tree can inspire her!

8. Royal Guard


(From: instagram.com)

And of course like every royalty on earth, the Queen of nails wear her royal identity on her nails!

9. Graphic Monochrome


(From: instagram.com)

Lily’s undoubtedly the queen of manicure. Here, she combines two of the hottest nail trends – monochrome and negative space!

10. Psychedelic Pony

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 7.19.14 PM

(From: instagram.com)

Who knew that psychedelic tie-dye designs would go so well with our favourite childhood cartoon, My Little Pony! Lily’s turned this into a dynamic duo that we absolutely covet.

We love how Lily embraces all nail ideas with various accessories, designs, effects and colours and how they express her personality. This proves that Lily Allen is certainly deserving of her royal title!

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