Permanent Hair Removal: SHR vs. IPL


When it comes to permanent hair removal, we are most familiar with the IPL (intense pulsed light) method, which involves shooting light pulses into the skin layer.

As one of the latest methods of permanent laser hair removal, what is SHR (super hair removal) and how does it measure up to the IPL method that we’ve trusted for so long? Read on to find out more.

How does IPL work?

As short, intense burst of broad spectrum light is emitted and transported to the hair root via the hair’s melanin, the light energy is converted into heat, thus cauterizing the hair root. A cauterized hair root can no longer grow.

Is IPL for me?


The IPL method is most effective for dark and coarse hair. Some discomfort can also be expected, with many comparing it to an elastic band hitting the skin, followed by a heaty sensation.

And because of the heat that’s targeted at the melanin, people with darker skin tones are likely to experience more discomfort than those who are fairer, as they tend to heat up more. Think of IPL in the same way as a black shirt absorbing heat, versus a white shirt that reflects it.

Cost and efficacy

The cost of IPL might be mildly staggering for many people, considering that it takes 6 to 12 sessions for optimum results. That said, its overall cost is still considerably lesser when compared to the SHR technology.

Treatments are generally spaced around 4 to 6 weeks apart, so expect a full course of treatment to take a year or more. It might also be worth noting that various things like medication and hormones can affect results down the road, so annual maintenance sessions are recommended.

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How does SHR work?

Being one of the newest forms of hair removal method, SHR uses lower energy levels and more pulses when compared to IPL. Another difference is that only 50% of the energy targets hair melanin, while the other 50% targets the stem cells responsible for hair production.

Is SHR for me?


Many users have feedbacked less discomfort with SHR than IPL, making it ideal for people with lower pain tolerance. The unique laser technology makes it suitable for all hair types and skin tones, even those who don’t want to shy away from the sun!

Cost and efficacy

As we’ve mentioned, you can expect SHR to burn a bigger hole in your pocket than IPL. However, it takes just 6 to 9 sessions to see a permanent reduction in hair growth. The technology has also proven to reduce more than 95% of hair growth!

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