Pokémon Nails that you will wanna catch (’em all)!

Pokemon Nails

came in like a pokeball

That’s right guys, we just wanna Catch’ Em all because We Gotta Catch’ Em all, Pokémon!

The hype for Pokémon Go! is all around the world, everywhere, anywhere, except here. We can’t wait, and we won’t wait, so we decided that we should nail them instead. It’s really amazing how our Pokémon (Nail) Trainers are able to capture these little pocket monsters on such tiny nail canvases, and we are as excited as Pikachu (below) to showcase our Pokémon (Nail) Trainers’ incredible Pokémon works!


Here goes….

1. @Cincitynails


We are absolutely intrigued by the 3D Water Globe Pokéball, painstakingly created by Cindy from @cincitynails, especially the bubbles in the globe  (checkout the video below) – such a funky way to carry our Pokéballs around. Aha, and if you aren’t afraid to flaunt your love for Pokémon, you could try Acrylic 3D Pikachu. Go big, go 3D or go home!


Check out the WaterGlobe Pokéball! 🙀

You may even put your favourite Pokémon in the globe! Add some glitters and you can play with your nails all day!

Cincitynails Poké-deals:
• 3D Pokéball Globe at $20
• Classic Gel Manicure $38 + 3D Pokémon Nail Art starts from $10
• 2D Pokémon Nail Art starts from $5 per nail

Book @cincitynails on Vanitee now, and see more of her works and services here: https://cincitynails.vanitee.com/



Khai Yuan from Oka Nails specialises in creating simple and subtle nail arts – perfect for work!
I mean, who says manicures for work gotta be boring right? It’s not difficult to have exciting yet wearable nails. Just check this (below) Pokémon nail art out; it’s so easy to rock!


Oka Nails Poké-deals:
Classic Gel Manicure with Pokémon Nail Art for $80

Book @okanails on Vanitee now, and see more of her works and services here: https://okanails.vanitee.com/

3. @Shiningnails

Pokemon_Shining Nails

We had no idea the Pokéball could look so adorable in Rose Gold!
Not to mention, 3D Togepi and Pikachu (in Suede?!😍); yikes! Our hearts are gonna burst with these overloading cuteness!

Shining Nails copy

Shining Nails Poké-deals:
Pokémon Nail Art starts from $5 per nail

Book @shiningnails on Vanitee now, and see more of her works and services here: https://shiningnails.vanitee.com/

4. @thenaildream


Rumour has it that one would require a day/night full of happiness to evolve our dear Eevee into Espeon and Umbreon, and some random stones to get the rest, but! Our dear Sandar did not need any of those.

All she needed was, one

(teehee!)Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 7.19.32 PMEevee Evolution (Eeveelution)

While we go head over heels over Pokémon characters, let’s not forget about the real trainers:

Ash and May

Ash and May

Team Rocket

Team Rocket – Jessie and James

WhatsApp-Image-20160727 (3)
Paul (aka. Shinji)

Paul’s only concern in his Pokémon is of their strength in battle. He strongly dislikes weak Pokémon and has a tendency of releasing them if they do not meet his expectations. He feels that bonding with Pokémon would only turn them into slackers. He has a habit of scolding his Pokémon for losing to opponents he feels they could have beaten. (Bulbapedia, 2016)

The Nail Dream Poké-deals:
Full set Pokémon Nail Art ranges from $25 – $30

Book @thenaildream on Vanitee now, and see more of her works and services here: https://thenaildream.vanitee.com/

5. @nailsfifthavenue


Who knew the Pokemon Go logo could actually look so cool as a nail design? We also love how the gradient background adds that lil’ extra oomph to the cuteness of these two Pikachus drawn by Emily from Nails Fifth Avenue.


Nails Fifth Avenue Poké-deals:
Classic Gel Manicure with 2 Pokémon Nail Art at $80

Book @nailsfifthavenue on Vanitee now, and see more of her works and services here: https://nailsfifthavenue.vanitee.com/

6. @thenailartasaurus


If going full mode on Pokémon nails seem too overwhelming for you, we could always pair them up with geometrical flakes or a single tone glitter for a subtle hint of chic!

p.s. Do check out @thenailartasaurus on her Instagram to watch her complete her challenge of painting all 151 original Pokémon!


The Nail Artasaurus Poké-deals:
Classic Gel Manicure + Pokémon Nail Art set at $60

Book @thenailartasaurus on Vanitee now, and see more of her works and services here: https://thenailartasaurus.vanitee.com/

7. @littlenailscastle


Pokéball on pastel french-inspired nails seems like a great way to go too, doesn’t it? ☺️
This set is sure to go well with almost any casual outfit!


Little Nails Castle Poké-deals:
Classic Gel Manicure + Pokémon Nail Art set at $99

Book @littlenailscastle on Vanitee now, and see more of her works and services here: https://littlenailscastle.vanitee.com/

8. 2kgnails


If you want your Pokémon to look as though they are talking to you, you got to try @2kgnails.Their Pokémon nail art with different facial expressions are totally nailing it!

WhatsApp-Image-20160727 (1)Look at Psyduck blushing! 😍

WhatsApp-Image-20160727And Raichu munching on his Onigiri?! (Oh goodness, our heart is melting)

WhatsApp-Image-20160727 (2)Awww Pikachu smooshing it’s cheek!

We can’t get enough of this adorable nail art, what about you?

@2kgnails Poké-deals:
Pokémon Nail Art starts from $20 – $35 per nail

Book @2kgnailsbykennie /@2kgnailsbykim / @2kgnailsbygwynes on Vanitee now, and see more of her works and services here: https://2kgnailsbykennie.vanitee.com | https://2kgnailsbykim.vanitee.com | https://2kgnailsbygwynes.vanitee.com

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