Sacrifices a freelance makeup artist have to make to be where she is today: Interview with Jerlyn Kang

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We all know Ponymakeup, Jeffreestar, Hudabeauty for their illustrious career as makeup artists, but not so much of their back stories. To gain more insight about life as a makeup artist, Vanitee has interviewed our top makeup artist of the year, Jerlyn Kang (@princessweddingservices) and got her to share about her life:

1. What was you working as before you became a makeup artist?

I was a singer back then in my 20s, for 11 years. Well, I sang at pubs, clubs and casino, so don’t expect to know me because I’m not so popular (laughs). After graduating from Polytechnic, I spent 9 years working in the building industry, while singing part-time at night at the same time.

2. What made you decide to become a makeup artist?

Actually, I did not become a makeup artist right after I completed my makeup and hairstyling course. I only started when I needed extra pocket money!

3. How did you get started in being a makeup artist?

After my O levels, I didn’t quite know what to do in life then. So I took up makeup course and fell in love with it! However, my career didn’t start off quite well as no one would trust a young makeup artist. Hence in the beginning, my career was very slow-moving. I was just being a part-time makeup artist and over time, word of mouth spread. In 2010, I married my husband and decided to quit singing. At the end of 2012, I quit my office job to try out for babies haha! Yes, I think its a very bold move that I made but I think its because I was very stressed back then. Thereafter, I became a full-time makeup artist after quitting my office job and singing completely.

4. How long have you been working as a makeup artist?

It’s been 18 years since the completion of my makeup course!

5. What happens in the day of life as a makeup artist?

One thing is for sure: I feel great satisfaction after every session; the smiles that I get from clients and the compliments I’ll received. Although sometimes I don’t get to sleep and had to wake up at 3-4am for a job, it’s all worth it to see my clients to receive tons of compliments from their guests! I also love my job too because I get to spend more time with my babies. Work life balance is important!

6. What are some obstacles you have faced as a makeup artist?

Trust. In the early stages, nobody will trust a young makeup artist. Especially when you didnt’t have a portfolio – how do you expect people to have faith in your work? Back in my time, there was no Facebook! No camera phone! Truth to be said, people often look at you and judged you based on your appearance before you could even demonstrate what you could do. However, now there is social media. I am so thankful for that. As I have young MUAs in my team as well, I could tell straightaway the judgement that they receive from clients as well. It’s human nature.

7. Lastly, what do you think is important in being a makeup artist, and why?

Passion! Only when you have a genuine interest in your job, then you would persevere, keep learning new skills and do your very best. When you have passion, you don’t work for the sake of working. You work because you are doing it for your dream.
A big thank you to Jerlyn (@princessweddingservices) for agreeing and taking time out of her busy schedule to share with us her life as a makeup artist!

Princessweddingservices was started up in 2000 and have since serviced close to 2 decades worth of clients! They have 8 professional makeup artists for you to choose from. (By default, Jerlyn will be the MUA arranged for any clients. However, if she’s not available, the next available MUA will be arranged. So do specify if you want only Jerlyn to be your MUA or else other MUA may be assigned to you.)

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