Say Farewell to your Whiteheads

Whiteheads could be such a bummer. It leaves the skin bumpy and renders that smoothless make up foundation impossible! No worries, follow our tips and say farewell to those uninvited guests.


1. Be diligent with make up removal and facial cleansing

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Whiteheads, like any other acne, arises from accumulation of dirt in skin pores. Thorough make up remover and cleansing will ensure that there is no dirt left to build up whiteheads. You could invest in a facial cleanser tool (eg. Clarisonic Mia 2 or Foreo Luna) to ensure your skin is squeaky clean!


2. Exfoliate regularly 


To get the deep cleansing effect, use physical exfoliator once a week.

If your whiteheads are stubborn, go for the chemical ones! Salicylic acid (eg: BHA) can remove dead skin cells and prevent clogging. Benzoyl Peroxide is even more powerful, killing acne-causing bacteria and removing sebum and dead cells from the core. However, make sure to only use these products only 2 or 3 times a week or risk over-exfoliate and sensitivise your skin.


3. Hydrate your skin

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The main cause of whiteheads is no other than excess sebum production. This clogs dirt, dead cells and bacteria in skin pore openings, which leads to whiteheads.

Excess oil production happens when your skin is dehydrated, which stimulates it to secrete more sebum to prevent further moisture loss. Drink plenty of water and use hydrating skincare products will help reduce oil production and incidence of whiteheads.


4. Alternatively, have the entire treatment done at your fingertips   

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All of the above tips, while helpful, requires a lot of daily effort. Instead, you can opt for a weekly 60 minute to 2 hour spa session that takes care of all these hassles. For example, the 90 minute Anti-bacteria Treatment at Skinz Heritage uses a specially formulated treatment to help you get rid of all outbreaks of pimple and acne.

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