Semi-Permanent Eye Makeup Is Less Scary Than You Think!

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Drawing your eyebrows on every morning is a tasks only for the fittest. Extreme precision and mindlessness to slight asymmetry are a mere fraction of what your battalion must be armed with.

To top that off, the escalating prices of quality makeup that won’t make your face look like a swirly Van Gogh painting by the end of the day? These are all things make the whole daily routine a hassle that just isn’t worth its cost.

The thought of making a decision that could semi-permanent alter your appearance can be pretty daunting, so here’s a list detailing what goes on with the most common semi-makeup procedures, to help you make a confident decision.

Eyebrow/Eyeliner Embroidery

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Done by: Elena Beaute Semi-Permanent Makeup

For the uninitiated, eyebrow embroidery doesn’t stitch synthetic lashes onto your eyebrows. They’re just mild, shallow tattoos that look almost like real strands of hair – a lot more realistic than the powder you use to fill your brows in.

Eyebrow embroidery is done through the process of micro-blading: using a small, manual blade to create crisp, sharp strokes , pigmenting the upper layers of your skin so they look just like hair! If you’re more for an extremely bold look, you can also opt for tattooing with a good ol’ stencil!

Depending on your beautician and your brows, the process can take anywhere between half an hour to two hours, and (after your first touch-up) lasts for a few years if you go for a yearly touch up.

Before your appointment, make sure you’ve not had prolonged exposure to sunlight, and that all your usual brow grooming routines have been done at least three days before. It’s important that your skin is well rested, and not dehydrated.

Book an appointment here to get yours done!

Eyelash Extensions

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Done by: Skosk Beautique

If you want to finally be able to wake up with the perfect lashes it’s time to pick the perfect curl, length and thickness, and have a beautician glue the individual lashes to your lash line. It’s a very comfortable process – all you have to do is to lie down.

Typically, extensions last slightly longer than a month, though you can make them last longer by washing your eyes less. Not to mention, NO RUBBING, unless you want to pull your natural eyelashes off and be left with nothing.

If you’re worried about your extensions affecting your beauty routines, don’t worry; you can still put on eye makeup, so you can hit the clubs with a stunning smokey eye. Though this time, you don’t risk your falsies falling off.

Skosk Beautique offers various types of eyelash extension services, such as 6D Russian Volume Eyelash Extension and 6D Taiwan Volume Eyelash Extension. Book an appointment and get your perfect lashes here!

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