Interview with Sherry Yeo: Oscar de la Renta and Parsons New York

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In this edition, we feature one of the most active makeup and hairstyling artist on Vanitee, Sherry Yeo. Having graduated from Parsons in New York and doing a short stint in Oscar de la Renta, Sherry is no stranger to fashion and the transformative powers of makeup.

 Sherry Yeo

Username on Vanitee app: @Sherry

Service: Housecall freelance makeup artist

Speciality: Bridal makeup

Experience: coming to 4 years

Vanitee Portfolio:

Support @Sherry in the Vanitee Awards 2016:

How did you come about being a freelance makeup artist?
I studied fashion design at Parsons in New York, so I’ve always been interested in fashion and beauty. In a stroke of good luck, I landed an internship with Oscar de la Renta, so I had the opportunity of going behind the scenes at fashion shows. It’s was such great exposure, and I loved the diversity of ethnicities among the models and was amazed at how the makeup artists were able to recreate the same looks on different skin tones. That got me hooked on the transformative powers of makeup.

How long have you been a freelance makeup artist?
I’ve been doing makeup ever since, and it’s been 3 years and counting. I do mostly weddings, and I love seeing how happy my brides look once I’m done with their makeup.

What is the approach you take to providing services for your clients?
My style is about really enhancing your natural beauty, and that’s exactly what brides want – to look like themselves, only the most radiant version. Increasingly though, I get a lot of women asking for the Kpop look. That’s great, but as a responsible makeup artist, I have to gently break it to some of them that a brutally straight thick brow just isn’t flattering.

What is the most important quality in running your own business?
Customers’ experience and satisfaction is of utmost importance to my business. I always remind myself to pay attention to details and strive for perfection.

What is your dream and how is Vanitee helping you towards them?
Getting my works recognised/published on magazines. Publishing a book to share my knowledge about makeup and beauty to others. I found Vanitee through a Facebook ad. They offered free listings, and as a freelance makeup artist without a lot of resources, I thought, why not? And so far, it’s been great! I get to reach out to more women and don’t just have to rely on word-of-mouth. The bookings I’ve gotten from the app have really helped me build my portfolio and I love reading the reviews from satisfied customers.

Why book me on Vanitee?
Don’t stress yourself out on your big day. I’m there to take care of you and make you look as beautiful as you feel on the most important day of your life!

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