Short Hair Inspirations and Why You Should Get It Done Now

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Do not underestimate the power of a short cut – it can be chic, versatile and classic. Besides, it’s the most summer-proof hairstyle you can have here in Singapore! Here are 5 reasons why you should totally get a pixie cut right now:


(Done by: laviehairdressing on Vanitee)

We all hate that feeling once we get of shower – having to dry our long locks immediately before it rains and floods our room with huge puddles of water (yes and this happens to me all the time!). Having a pixie cut saves all that hassle as it dries almost as soon after you’ve towel dried it. What’s more is that you also get to save on the amount of hair care products you use, hence translating into more money saved!


We all know that irritating feeling when our hair sticks to our neck because we sweat way too much in Singapore’s weather too well. With a pixie cut, not only can you rid of that unpleasant feeling, you also get to enjoy a cool breeze over your neck when wind blows!

(Done by: thehairsecretsbugis on Vanitee)

(Done by: athenshair on Vanitee)


(Done by: No8hairstudio on Vanitee)

(Done by: mastercolorhong on Vanitee)

You don’t have to worry about damage; you can always cut it off once it is overgrown and start all over again. Now you can fulfill your dream of trying out every single colours in the rainbow spectrum with a pixie cut!


Image from: @ohvely22 on Instagram

It can be a simple short bob, or…

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A highly textured geode cut:

(Done by: jinhairbeauty on Vanitee)

(Done by: atelierhairandbeauty on Vanitee)

Not only do you get to play with different colours, you can also experiment with different hair styles. Just by parting your strands in a different way, or adding a little dry shampoo, your pixie cut can transform and morph itself into any style you want.


Pixie cut is one of those styles that always look good and stylish no matter the time period. Just look at how Audrey Hepburn’s iconic pixie cut is still relevant and popular up till today.

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