3 Ways To Rock Your Short Nails!

Long nails has always been the trend and has somewhat been used as a beauty standard for us to consider ourselves as more feminine and stylish. Plus, they are the best type of nail canvas for your manicurists to work on as there’s no doubt more space.

But if you have short nails, fear not, my dear!  With the right shape and colour selection you can still achieve pretty looking nails that complement your fingers well!


For short nails, you will want to go for the round, square round or oval shapes for these are the ones that will help to make your fingers appear longer while maintaining its comfort.

Photo credit: Eye Heart Polish



1. Neutral Tones

Neutral colour generally works well on short nails as it visually continue your finger line to make it look slimmer and thinner.

Like these ones here:

Photo Credit: Essie

Or add a little twist to your neutral nails with some dainty florals and glitter:

Get this design by @2kgnails on Vanitee

Strangely, White should be avoided, as it tends to make fingers look kinda stubby. 🙅

2) Pastel Colours

Similar to neutral colours, these adorable light colours are very versatile and easy to work with when it comes to pairing them with your outfit.

Photo credit: The Feisty House

Just flat shades on its own are already simply gorgeous, but adding on some knitted nail designs or polka dots won’t hurt too – in fact, it’s even more adorable, isn’t it?

Get this design by @hanakuranails on Vanitee

Get this design by @rachelnailz on Vanitee

If you are into fancy nail art you think having short nails can’t achieve them, this hand-drawn unicorn nail art will prove you wrong!

Get this design by @belleandco on Vanitee

3) Red

This classic can never go wrong. For a chic and playful look, head for the bright one, while the darker reds would be perfect for elegance and style.

Perhaps some polka dots to make this red a lil’ extra cheeky and lovable?

Get this design by @colorbnails on Vanitee

Get this design by @fangslittlenailshop on Vanitee

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Don’t forget to share with us your #vanitee looks on Instagram (@ilovevanitee) or Facebook


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