Bring Your Nail Art To The Next Level With These Top Manicurists

Getting ready for the day doesn’t have to be a nail-biting experience if your nails are already dressed to impress. In today’s article, Vanitee has rounded up the top nail artists who were winners of the Vanitee Awards 2016.

1st: Patricia Phan (@nailzcouture)

Patricia Phan (@nailzcouture) topped the charts with her work ethic of staying humble, working hard and being committed. With a rating of 4 stars and a large customer base consisting of many repeat customers, you can be sure that you are in safe hands with Patricia. Her arsenal contains more than 500 nail colours, which means you won’t have to worry about not being able to replicate the nail art you saw on IG 2 days ago!


Done by: @nailzcouture on Vanitee

For the Westies, get ready to rejoice: Patricia is based in Bukit Batok – just a 5 minute walk from Bukit Gombak MRT!

2nd: Casey Lai (@caseynailsnbeauty)

Casey Lai (@caseynailsnbeauty) is a nail artist with 13 years of experience and enjoys challenging herself with the different requests customers present. Be it classy french tips or statement-making nails, Casey has you covered.


Done by: @caseynailsnbeauty on Vanitee

If you’re facing the classic ‘I-broke-my-acrylic-nail-AGAIN’ situation, fret not. She can repair them in 15 minutes, giving you ample time to pop in during your lunch hour. Furthermore, her location in Lucky Plaza is perfect for that quick fix.


3rd: Michelle Masri (@thenailartasaurus)

Michelle Masri (@thenailartasaurus) might have taught herself nail art, but don’t let that fool you. Armed with a background in design, Michelle prides herself on being able to provide her customers with the latest nail art. Be it foil, glitter or temperature-changing nails, Michelle can do it all.


Done by: @thenailartasaurus on Vanitee

This will be music to the ears of those in the East, for Michelle can be found in Kembangan. Customers can alight at Kembangan MRT or take a number of buses to get there.



Besides our top 3 winners, we have rounded up a few of YOUR favourites. 

Located at Strathmore Avenue, Fang Hemsley (@littlenailshop) uses only organic or Japanese gel products to ensure the safety of her customers’ hands. According to her, these products also increase the quality of the mani/pedi. Fang’s speciality is mirror nails and you can be sure that they’ll catch the eyes of those around you!


Done by: @littlenailshop on Vanitee

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Gwynes Tang (@2kgnailsbygwynes) and Kim Peh (@2kgnailsbykim) share the same shop space in Arab Street, and with two nail artists you can be assured that the waiting time will definitely not be long.  Between them, they have a large variety of skill sets. Gwynes can give you those adorable tsum-tsum nails and Kim has a knack of making even short nails look good (and we all know how hard that can get).


Left: @2kgnailsbygwynes on Vanitee | Right: @2kgnailsbykim on Vanitee

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Sometimes, the classic gel polish isn’t enough. If you’re looking to try a look with more oomph, Cindy Chang (@cincitynails) is up your alley. To her, there can never be such a thing as ‘too bling’. She enjoys creating fanciful nail art for her customers, and her designs are highly raved by them.


Done by: @cincitynails on Vanitee

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If you’re a frequent nail-biter, Wen Qing (@soqnails) is here to save your day. At $120, she can give your nails a complete makeover – nobody will know how you used to gnaw at them. And of course once they’re buffed and polished, you won’t want to bite them either. Win-win! Besides a makeover, Wen Qing also provides standard manicure services.


Done by: @soqnails on Vanitee

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In a little corner of Tiong Bahru lies two ladies who believe that the art of marketing is not hard-selling. The bosses of Nails Fifth Avenue (@nailsfifthavenue) provide customers with a friendly smile and are lauded for their original and long lasting manis and pedis. Customers have left reviews expressing their satisfaction.


Done by: @nailsfifthavenue on Vanitee

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Armed with this list of nail artists, we at the Vanitee team encourage you ladies to go forth and pamper yourselves! You can find these artists on the Vanitee App in the Apple Store or Google Play.


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