Skin Tips: Tackling Dry Skin

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Healthy skin is coated with a thin layer of lipids which retains moisture and leaves the skin soft and supple. There are many causes of dry skin, with few of them genetic. Which is a good thing, because it means you can solve the problem easily.

Some common mistakes we’re making with dry skin are:

The most common mistake is applying moisturiser on dry skin, aka when it’s least likely to help. The best way is to apply on damp skin so that the moisturiser is trapping moisture in your skin. A good time to put it would be after a shower when you’ve just towelled off!

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Some moisturisers are also not ‘moisturising’ enough. One quick test would be to squeeze a dollop into your palm and flip it over. If it drips, it’s not thick enough for dry skin.

Soap can strip away our skin’s protective oils, and excessive washing can dry out our skin and cause it to crack and bleed. Lathering from soap removes our skin’s natural oils and dries it out. For dry skin care, you should opt for fragrance-free soaps and not unscented soap. The latter may still have perfumes which can dry out your skin.

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Hot water dries out your skin just as much as soap does. Take showers instead of baths wherever possible to limit the duration of your skin’s exposure to the hot water.

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